*Z-Line Belair L Shaped Computer Table

Best l shaped computer table

I have done plenty of research into what is the best computer table. Using the criteria of price (under $200), aesthetically pleasing looks, good customer feedback and easy to assemble, my top pick was the Z-Line Belaire L-Shaped Computer table.

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Below I have listed the computer tables strong points. I have also listed a couple of negatives which have some very easy fixes.

The Z-Line Belaire L-Shaped Desk Provides Plenty of Work Space for your Computers.

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Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer DeskZ-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Five Reasons I Would Choose this Desk

Overall this computer desk caught my eye because of it’s sleek design and minimalist design. I would set this desk up with at least two monitors and keep the computer peripherals like the printer nearby as well.

1.Good looking

You don’t have top put up with ugly old computer desk when there are lovely looking products like this on the market.

2.Well Constructed.

This computer desk is certainly built to last as it is constructed of a metal frame were all the welding joints are re-enforced with metal plates.

3.Ease of Assembly

When you purchase self assembly products it is comforting to hear experiences from customers that have assembled this desk. Most customer reported that the desk was easy to assemble at home.

4.Represents good value for money

I think this computer desk is such good value, when you consider you get a lot of desk for under $200.

5.Strong glass

The desk comes with strong and durable 5-6 mm glass that is tempered as these make up all the desk work surfaces this is vital.

Two Things I don’t Like about Having a Desk with a Glass Top.

Every product has some negatives. The Z-Line Belaire Cmputer Desk has a couple of downsides for me but there are some quick easy and simple solutions.

1.The glass desk surface allows you to see the messy tangle of wires from your computers and printers.

A mass of trailing wires can be easily tamed by purchasing and using a cable management system, cable tidy products or conduit.

2.An optical mouse will not work on the glass top.

One slight drawback to a glass top is that your optical mouse will not work. To over come this you will need to buy a mouse pad. There are many attractive looking mouse pads available to buy.

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