Wooden Musical Instruments for Toddlers – Toy Wooden Musical Instruments

Wooden musical instruments, (especially percussion like wooden toy drums and glockenspiels), make great gifts for toddlers, infants and preschooler children. With wooden instruments you can be sure that they are non-toxic, safe to play with, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

There is a whole range of wooden toys musical instruments, including those that have multi-functions like shape sorting, push along, color naming and number recognition. (Note some of these toys are mainly made from wood but may include other materials like metal and plastic in small proportions).

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Wooden Pull Toy Xylophone

Here are a couple of xylophone musical instruments that can also be pulled along on a string.  They are both colorful and have wheels. I love that these also have animal shape sorters on the side of the toys, with a selection of colorful exotic animals like zebra, lions and elephants.

 Wooden Push Pull Along Toy XylophoneWooden Push Pull Along Toy Xylophone

 Wooden Push Pull Along Toy Animal Shape Sorter and XylophoneWooden Push Pull Along Toy Animal Shape Sorter and Xylophone

Melissa and Doug Beginner Band in a Box

These sets must be one of the best musical toy sets for toddlers. With these Melissa and Doug instruments, you can be sure they are safe and non-toxic and long-lasting.

 Melissa & Doug Band Set With Wooden Musical Instruments and Storage CaseMelissa & Doug Band Set With Wooden Musical Instruments and Storage Case

 Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box 10-Piece Musical Instrument SetMelissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box 10-Piece Musical Instrument Set

Pull Along Musical Toys

Here is an example of a wooden push toy for babies learning to walk, they can gain their balance holding on to the handle while walking along behind.

Also, there is a cute green wooden crocodile that would make a perfect gift for any young child that loves musical activities.  Best musical pull string toys for babies and toddlers to play with.


 Wooden Baby Walker Musical Toddler ToyWooden Baby Walker Musical Toddler Toy

 Colorful Pull Along Wooden Xylophone CrocodileColorful Pull Along Wooden Xylophone Crocodile

Wooden Drum Set for Toddlers

I predict hours of fun for toddlers and young children as they bang and crash on these wooden drum kits. They are going to make plenty of noise with these kids drum sets.

I love the wooden instruments with ridges as I can fondly remember having fun playing with these when I was young.

 Wooden Musical Drum Set with CymbalsWooden Musical Drum Set with Cymbals

 Wooden Percussion Instrument Set for ToddlersWooden Percussion Instrument Set for Toddlers

What are the advantages of Wooden Toys over Plastic Toys

In this video we a taken through the main reason you should choose wooden toys over plastic toys when buying for a toddler or pre-school child. For example, it has been observed that children play differently when given wooden toys.

wooden musical instruments for toddlers

toy musical instruments toddlers will love

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