Waste Management at Home Tips – How to Organize Your Trash

waste management at home ideas

Here is a summary of all the methods that are available to deal with all your trash at home.

All these waste management at home tips, tricks, and hacks help to make your home run smoothly and will reduce the mess that can occur if garbage is allowed to take over.

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Some of these products and tips will also help the environment, as you can separate and recycle a proportion of your household trash.

✅ Under Countertop Trash Can Ideas for Kitchens

One great starting point when setting out to organize your home trash is an under the kitchen counter trash cans.

Having a bin close at hand will mean all the mess generated in your kitchen when cooking can be quickly and efficiently tidied away.

Then once a week (or so) you can move the kitchen trash to your outside trash areas.

 Pull Out Double Kitchen Cabinet Trash ContainerPull Out Double Kitchen Cabinet Trash Container


✅ Pull Out Concealed Recycling Kitchen Trash Cans

This is a handy set of bins that pull out. Once you have finished using them they are concealed by the cabinet door.

 Sliding Pull Out Under the Kitchen Cupboard Recycling Trash CansSliding Pull Out Under the Kitchen Cupboard Recycling Trash Cans


✅ Lightweight Recycling Trash Sorting Bag

Even if you are short on space it is still possible to organize your trash really for recycling.

This bag has three sections so you can sort the trash out before taking it to the recycling center.

 Lightweight 3 Compartment Recycle Sorter BagLightweight 3 Compartment Recycle Sorter Bag


✅ Set of 4 Color Coded Waste Bins

Now there is no need for the incorrect category of trash to go into the wrong bin. Nice and bright!

 4 Color Coded Wastebaskets for Recycling4 Color Coded Wastebaskets for Recycling


✅ Large Stackable Recycling Bins

What I like about these bins is the large size, anything smaller becomes impractical as the bins will fill up to quickly.

 4 Recycling Bin Containers Stacking with Handle 6 Gallon4 Recycling Bin Containers Stacking with Handle 6 Gallon


Recycling at Home with Color Coded Bins

Color coding your trash cans is a great idea as it will get your whole family involved in recycling at home.

How to Organize Recycling in a Small Kitchen

Here are some great and easy to follow tips for recycling in a small kitchen.

How Can We Reduce Waste at Home?

This useful video has 10 great tips for reducing your waste at home. Including ways we can be more environmentally conscious.


I hope you have been able to find the right product for your home, that will ensure you keep the trash under control.

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waste management at home ideas

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