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kids piano keyboard toys

I feel it is never too early to start toddlers and young children with fun musical play. These toy pianos for toddlers fit the bill perfectly.  If you start off with simple songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” or “Happy Birthday” that can be played with one finger, it is easy to then move onto harder tunes. These toy pianos fit the bill perfectly.

One of my favorite memories from my childhood was that precious time I had with my Grandma when she attempted to teach me how to play the piano. I didn’t take it up seriously (a big regret) but I have an appreciation of the effort it takes to become a musician and I feel lucky that I can read musical scores.

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Toy Piano Keyboard for Kids

Here are keyboards that children will love playing music on that are not too baby-ish and can provide hours of entertainment and education. I have a young niece I would just love to buy her the baby grand featured here, so cute!

 Kids Piano Keyboard 61 Key ElectronicKids Piano Keyboard 61 Key Electronic

 Kids Classic Wooden 30 Key Miniature Mini Baby Grand Piano ToyKids Classic Wooden 30 Key Miniature Mini Baby Grand Piano Toy

Piano Floor Mat for Toddlers

This comes under the title “Entertainment for the Whole Family” but I’m sure the little ones will get the biggest benefit from these musical toys. Find a flat space on the floor and notes are played when you stand on a piano key. If you are quick and clever real tunes will come out of this fun toy.

 Play Floor Piano Kid Stepping Toys Electronic Music KeyboardPlay Floor Piano Kid Stepping Toys Electronic Music Keyboard

 Musical Piano Mat 19 Keys Kids and Toddler Girls and BoysMusical Piano Mat 19 Keys Kids and Toddler Girls and Boys

Best Budget Musical Keyboard

These are small keyboard toys that are a perfect gift for a toddler. There are plenty of buttons to push and keys to play music with. I love that these also have toy microphones for singing as well.

 Budget Piano Keyboard and Musical ToyBudget Piano Keyboard and Musical Toy

 Record and Learn Child/Toddler Toy KeyboardRecord and Learn Child/Toddler Toy Keyboard

Fisher Price Music Teaching Keyboard

This child’s piano keyboard toys has an amazing set of functions. Including 8 different musical instrument sounds, plenty of demo songs and a number of background rhythms. This is a great first keyboard that will a child to learn the piano. One of the functions I like is the record and playback feature.

 Fisher Price Keyboard Piano Record and PlaybackFisher Price Keyboard Piano Record and Playback

Stickers for Keys on Keyboard – Piano Learning Tools for Children

If you have an adult sized piano that you want your child to learn on. These stickers are an awesome music learning resource. Simply stick the stickers on the relevant keys (don’t worry they come off easily) and the notes, are then clearly labeled.

 Colorful Piano Stickers Perfect for Keyboards for Kids Learning PianoColorful Piano Stickers Perfect for Keyboards for Kids Learning Piano

 Piano Keyboard Stickers Perfect for Kids and BeginnersPiano Keyboard Stickers Perfect for Kids and Beginners

What is the Best Piano Gift for a Child that Wants to Learn the Piano?

In this video, we are shown an example of a child’s piano that would be ideal as a present for any child that wants to learn the piano. I love the bright colors and the way the notes are clearly labeled.


How to Teach a Child to Play the Piano

Here is a video that shows how to teach a child a simple tune, in the case “Happy Birthday” Its suprising easy to make a known tune just using one finger.


kids piano keyboard toys


piano keyboards for toddlers

toy piano keyboard gift ideas for children


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