Best The Secret Life of Pets Halloween Costumes 2020

The Secret Life of Pets Halloween Costume Ideas

The Secret Life of Pets is a blockbuster movie smash that so far has earned over 100 million. The movie features an array of different pets in a tongue-in-cheek look at how animals see their human counterparts.

The movie resonated with adults, but especially with children and had plenty of laugh out loud moments and as well as plenty of animated characters to root for. Any time a great movie is released, there’s always a demand for costumes based on the characters and this one is no exception.

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“The Secret Life of Pets” Costume Ideas for Halloween

Unisex Adult Secret Life of Pets Duke HeadpieceUnisex Adult Secret Life of Pets Duke HeadpieceMax Child's Costume from Max Child’s Costume from “The Secret Life of PetsDuke Costume The Secret Life of Pets Universal CostumeDuke Costume The Secret Life of Pets Universal CostumeChic Puppy Toddler CostumeChic Puppy Toddler CostumeDalmatian Toddler CostumeDalmatian Toddler Costume


Kids everywhere want to go out trick or treating on Halloween as one of the characters from the movie. There are many to choose from – including dogs, cats and more.

You can find costumes that focus on the individual characters and if you get a group of kids together, each one can choose to go as a different character from the movie.

Most of these costumes are made in a jumpsuit style and they’re done this way on purpose. When you’re looking for costumes for kids, because kids come in all different shapes and sizes, creating a one size fits all can be an issue.

But when you use a jumpsuit style, then you can get a better fit whether the child is tall or short, or is average weight or above. These costumes don’t include feet. To get the best possible fit, these costumes are made simply as the jumpsuit piece.

By using individual socks and shoes, you not only get to choose the color, but you also get the best fit. You can find some of these costumes that have the heads featuring the animals with them.

These heads may or may not be attached – it all depends on which one of the costumes that you choose. What parents like is that the headpieces that come with some of these costumes allow the child’s face to be clear of obstruction.

The ones that are attached pull on easily and the ones that are not attached fit snugly, but not too tightly – with a simple fastener. These costumes can be made in a variety of materials that are long lasting and you can find some that are made with 100% polyester.

The majority of these costumes have to either be hand washed or dry cleaned when they need to be cleaned. You’ll find some of these costumes with attached tails and some without. If you want accessories to go along with the character costume, you can find those.

The Secret Life of Pets Halloween Costume Ideas

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