Best Sushi Play Food Sets 2021

Realistic Sushi Play Food Sets

Welcome to my guide to the best sushi play food sets that are perfect for imaginative play.

When I visit my Sister my Nephew’s and Nieces just love to make me dinner with their pretend play food. I get afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches, and then snacks and cups of tea throughout the day.

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They have a pretend play kitchen and various plastic play food sets. However, I know they don’t have a sushi set so I intend to get them a set for Christmas this year.

The sushi sets pictured here are just so realistic, any child is going to enjoy playing with them.

Also, these are a great way to teach children how to use chopsticks and learning about the foods of other cultures.

Doug and Melissa Wooden Sushi Chopping Set

This product is perfect for toddlers and young children over 3 years old.

it consists of many different elements that make up sushi food plates. Children will love the hours of imaginative play they can have with this product.

I like that it is made from wood, so much better than plastic I feel.

The set comes with a pair of chopsticks that stick to the food items. This is so useful for small hands that are learning to cope with chopsticks.

The set includes a (blunt) chopping knife that will slice through the pieces that have stuck together. Giving a realistic yet safe food preparation experience.

 Melissa & Doug Sushi Slicing Play SetMelissa & Doug Sushi Slicing Play Set


Toy Sushi Play Set with Chopping Board

Here is a great toy sushi set that contains a lovely selection of realistic food items.

I love the chopping boards and the realistic bottle of soy sauce.

Although this set fun to play with it has an educational side to it. Children can learn about different food cultures.

 Wooden Play Sushi Food Set and AccessoriesWooden Play Sushi Food Set and Accessories


Sushi Soft Play Food Serving Board and Chopsticks

How cute is this? A set of sushi items that are made as soft toys.

It also features a set of chopsticks and a small chopping board.

 Sushi Soft Play Food 10 Piece Set with Serving Board and ChopsticksSushi Soft Play Food 10 Piece Set with Serving Board and Chopsticks


21 Piece Sushi Food Playset

This set comes with many different food pieces.

There is a huge amount of options for children to make different “meals” out of these pieces.

 Sushi in Japanese Style Bento Box with ChopsticksSushi in Japanese Style Bento Box with Chopsticks


Melissa and Doug’s Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi Counter Review

This Melissa and Doug Sushi Counter is the latest in a range of food based sets previously these have included sandwich making sets and a smaller sushi slicing play set.

This toy sushi making set contains 46 pieces; There is a serving and display counter, a Sushi rolling mat and a chopping knife.

 Sush Wrap and Roll Counter ToySush Wrap and Roll Counter Toy


Your child can make various styles of sushi such as Maki rolls, nigiri and temaki and chop them into pieces with the toy cleaver.

The sushi toys come with self-sticking tabs. You get a wooden tray for serving up the sushi as well as a dipping bowl, wasabi and chopsticks. There is a sushi guide, instructions and re-usable menu and a whole lot more….

Who Would You Buy The Melissa and Doug’s Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi Counter For?

This toy sushi set is recommended for 3+ by the manufacturers, we think children of six would probably be about the oldest that would get educational or play benefit from this set. Boys or girls would equally like this set. Even if the child hasn’t had much contact with Sushi they will still learn and have fun playing with this set.

If your children have other Melissa and Doug food toys then this would be a good play set to complement previous sets that they own with one that is a bit exotic.

Things We Like About This Melissa and Doug Sushi Counter

Melissa and Doug build toys that will last and are very durable and this one really looks the part.
There is plenty of room for creative play and role play as well as educational benefits such as learning about different foods from different cultures, counting and of course motor skills in making the sushi.

Things We Did Not Like About It

We couldn’t really find any fault with this toy set, it might be a little bit dull for some very active boys or girls but at the same time it might be a good toy to calm them down a bit with some quiet play.

Is The Melissa and Doug’s Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi Counter Value for Money?

Compared to some of the other Melissa and Doug food sets this is fairly expensive but it does come with 47 parts so is a large set.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

This is the 2nd wooden sushi set from Melissa and Doug so toy sushi must be a popular item. This is a fun item and budding young chefs will get lots of imaginative play from this set for sure.

Melissa and Doug have a good reputation for producing quality wooden toys and this is a great addition to the range.

realistic sushi play food sets

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