15 Best Space Saving Shoe Racks for Small Homes

space saving shoe racks

Here are a selection of space saving shoe racks that will help you to keep shoe clutter at bay.

When you decide to tackle the shoe clutter in your home you will need to look at the various products that are available.

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To start decluttering it is a good idea to gather all the shoes in your home and try to pair them up. Discard any badly damages shoes.

Once you have decided how many pairs of shoes or boots you really need to keep them consider investing in a decent shoe organizer for your home.

✅ Best Shoe Storage for Entryways

This rack is small enough for most people’s entranceways. It is made from bamboo and has clean stylish contemporary looks you will love.

With a roomy 5 racks it will hold plenty of shoes.

There are also handy additional metal hangers on the sides of the rack.

 Bamboo Shoe Organizer With 5 ShelvesBamboo Shoe Organizer With 5 Shelves


✅ Small Vertical Shoe Rack for Tiny Spaces

Here is the perfect storage solution in a tiny hallway.

It has enough space to store 7 pairs of shoes neatly.

I love the modern chunky design. Because it’s made from wood it should last you a long time.

 Small White Shoe Organizer With 7 ShelvesSmall White Shoe Organizer With  7 Shelves


✅ 3 Tiered Shoe Organizer for Closets

My preferred choice is to store as many shoes as I can away from view.

This 3 tiered shoe storage shelving unit is ideal to place inside the closet.

If you don’t have enough space in the closet then this is attractive enough to sit against any wall in your home.

 3 Tier Closet Shoe Organizer3 Tier Closet Shoe Organizer


✅ Smart Shoe Storage Cabinet with Louvered Doors

I love the idea of hiding shoes from view, as piles of shoes seem to give a sense that a home is cluttered.

This black cabinet would be ideal to keep near the entrance of your home.

Shoes can be housed here as people come in out, keeping everything neat and tidy.

 Shoe Storage Cabinet With Louvred DoorsShoe Storage Cabinet With Louvred Doors


✅ Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Here is a practical shoe storage solution for anyone who is very short on space.

This would be great for kids rooms, dorm rooms and tiny guest bedrooms.

it is practical as it can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes.

 Over Door Hanging Shoe OrganizerOver Door Hanging Shoe Organizer


✅ Hanging Shoe Cubby for Closets

This product is designed to hang from the clothing rail in your closet.

Once installed it provides handy shelves that are perfect for storing pairs of shoes.

Also on the sides are some handy mesh storage pockets.

 Closet Hanging shoe Organizer with 10 CompartmentsCloset Hanging shoe Organizer with 10 Compartments


✅ Wooden Shoe Cabinet With Slatted Doors

This is a very stylish piece of furniture that would sit neatly in a hallway or home entrance.

It certainly doesn’t look like a shoe organizer yet once the doors are opened it reveals 3 useful shelves.

The doors are slatted so there is plenty of air circulation that should stop any damp shoes becoming moldy.

 Modern Shoe Cabinet with Slatted DoorsModern Shoe Cabinet with Slatted Doors


✅ Large Free Standing Shoe Rack for Closets

Although this storage rack is larger than others, you have to consider the large amount of stuff it can hold.

It has 8 shelves that can modified to fit the items you are storing.

 Free Standing Closet Shoe Organizer for Up to 32 Pairs of ShoesFree Standing Closet Shoe Organizer for Up to 32 Pairs of Shoes


✅ Wooden Bench with Shoe Storage

This storage bench with a padded seat is a practical solution to storing shoes and boots etc in a porch, entranceway, or mud room.

With modern style it will look great in most peoples homes.

It will help to keep the shoes that are currently cluttering your home under control.

 Cushioned Bench Shoe Organizer with 3 DoorsCushioned Bench Shoe Organizer with 3 Doors


✅ Rustic Farmhouse Style Shoe Storage Cabinet 

If you have a farmhouse-style home then this rustic style shoe storage cabinet would be a great choice for you.

This is narrow enough to sit in a hallway, bedroom or entryway.

As the doors are louvred your shoes should remain mold free.

 Small Storage Cabinet with DoorsSmall Storage Cabinet with Doors


✅ Shoe Rack for Small Hallways

I love the contemporary design of this shoe rack.

it consists of a compartment with 2 slatted doors and an open shelf.

Perfect for storing shoes in a modern home.

 Modern Storage Cabinet with Shoe StorageModern Storage Cabinet with Shoe Storage


✅Large Capacity Under Bed Shoe Storage

If you have the kind of bed that has room for storage underneath then consider storing some of your shoe collection there.

This shoe storage container has plenty of room for up to 12 pairs of shoes.

Great for sandals that are only used during the summer.

 Under Bed Organizer that Holds 12 Pairs of ShoesUnder Bed Organizer that Holds 12 Pairs of Shoes


✅ Transparent Stacking Shoe Organizer Boxes

If you have spent a lot of money on shoes then you will be keen to look after them properly.

How about giving each pair of shoes a clear plastic box of it’s own.

These boxes are designed to be stacked and transparent so you can see the items inside.

 Transparent Containers for Storing ShoesTransparent Containers for Storing Shoes


✅ Best Open Shoe Shelving Unit for Small Spaces

Here is a useful and practical shelving unit for hallways or boot rooms.

There is plenty of space for the families shoes and boots.

You can have it as two small units side by side or one taller unit consisting of 4 shelves.

 Bamboo 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer RackBamboo 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer Rack


✅ Hanging Boot Organizer for Closets

Finally we cant forget about boots. Thes acna be a real pain to store as they just don’t want to stand up.

Here is a hanging racks that hangs in your closet, it holds 5 pairs of boots neatly and in a way that will keep them in great condition.

 Hanging Boot Racks Organizer With Space for 5 PairsHanging Boot Racks Organizer With Space for 5 Pairs


Ever Wondered How Marie Kondo Organize Shoes?

In this video, we follow along as Diana declutters and organizes her shoe collection Marie Kondo Style.

It’s amazing how many shoes were discarded as not “sparking joy” by the end of the session.

This is an area of my home I’ve not tackled KonMari Style so I must get onto it. This video has inspired me.


In a home shoes and boots can become a nightmare as they have a tendancy to be staked up all over the place.

I hope you will have found the perfect shoe organizer for your home.

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space saving shoe racks

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