20 Best Small Dish Drying Racks for Tiny Kitchens

Small Dish Drying Racks for Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen without a dishwasher you will need one of these small dish drying racks.

These are the perfect items to help you stack and dry your dishes after washing.

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Also, if you only have a small number of items to clean you may prefer to just do these by hand. Instead of running the dishwasher half-empty for just a few items.

Here are some great dish racks that are suitable for a small kitchen.

✅ Tiniest Dish Drying Rack

I hate to say that objects as mundane as a dish drainer could be called cute, but really this one certainly is.

This would fit into any sized kitchen, and could even be used in an RV or for a camping trip.

✅ Folding Space Saving Drainer

Although this item looks very small it has some features that means it can hold plenty of plates etc.

Once you have finished, it folds up neatly and can then be tucked away in a cabinet nearby.

✅ White Minimalist Fold Away Drainer

This is another drainer that folds away so it can be stored in a cabinet when not in use.

I love the smart white minimalist modern design, very attractive yet practical.

✅ Double Height Utensil Holder and Draining Tray

The is plenty of room here for all your and silverware and dishes. There is even a handy rack for chopping boards.

I like that the metal here is made from stainless steel. Great that it will be easy to clean and remain rust-free.

✅ Black Dish Dryer With Drip Tray

Here is a tiny drainer that would be suitable for a person living on their own with a small kitchen.

As it has a draining tray it would be suitable to use on a kitchen countertop. Very useful if you don’t have a sink drainer.

✅ Stainless Steel Over The Sink Dish Dryer Rack

If space is tight in your kitchen then this stainless steel rack that fits behind the sink could solve your problems.

It is attractive enough to leave out all the time. It even has space to hang and store kitchen utensils.

✅ Contemporary Style Green and White Dish Drying Rack

This is one for a modern kitchen with minimalist looks. It features a really sturdy metal rack that is housed in an attractive plastic holder.

Underneath is a clever rotating spout design that means it will drain into the sink from any angle.

✅ Large Capacity Dish Drying Rack

This is for you if you like to do a lot of entertaining and cooking as it has a very large capacity.

I really like the knife holder, so useful. This will prevent accidents from sharp knives being throw in a drainer.

✅ Mini Dish Dryer with Microcloth Drainer

If minimalism is your thing then this is the drainer for you. Could a drainer be made any smaller I doubt it!

It is made up of thick micro cloth and a plastic plate drainer insert. This could either be your only drainer or kept for those occasions when you have a lot of extra dishes to clean.

The plastic plate rack can be offset leaving space for other items like mugs or saucepans to be drained on the highly absorbent micro cloth.

✅ Kitchen Drainer With a Cutlery Holder

There is plenty of space here for up to 15 plates on the top rack and other items in the rack on the bottom.

It also features a useful utensil holder.

✅ Small Dish Airer With Drainage Spout

This drainer certainly looks like it means business. It looks nice and chunky and made to last.

Underneath is a useful movable drainage spout that can rotate.

✅ Triple Tier Dish Drainer Rack

This 3 tiered rack would suit a person that loved to entertain. Also, it would be perfect for families with small kitchens without a dishwasher.

It comes with everything you need to hold silverware, plates, bowls and pans. It is very handy that the rack has two drainage trays.

✅ Foldable Wooden Bamboo Dish Dryer

This is a nice and simple design for a dish drainer. It folds out into a rack that holds plenty of plates, saucers, mugs and cups.

After use it use folds up and can be neatly stored away.

✅ Best Over the Sink Dish Dryer for a Tiny Kitchens

The way this is designed means that as your dishes are washed the water drains off into the sink.

This really takes up so little space, it would be ideal in a tiny kitchen space.

✅ Over the Sink Dish Dryer Rack

This roll up dish rack takes up hardly any space at all.

When all the dishes have dried it only takes a moment to roll it up and store it away neatly.

✅ Budget-Friendly Small Dish Dryer for the Sink

This small dish rack looks tiny but it takes 8 plates with ease. It is attractive enough to stay out in view on the draining board.

I like the integrated silverware drainer very useful.

✅ Chunky OXO Aluminum Dish Rack

This almost looks industrial in it’s design. It is made by OXO so you can be certain it will last for many years.

It features a useful draining spout attached to the drainage tray underneath.

✅ Dish Dry and Drainage Tray for Countertops

This is a very smart looking dish drainer with plenty of capacity. The handles mean you can move the dishes near to places they are to be stacked and stored once dry.

I like the wooden handles I feel these are very attractive, yet workman like.

✅ Wooden Folder Dish Dryer and Drainer

This is similar to the bamboo drainer featured above, except it has a very useful silverware or utensil holder.

Plenty of room of all your dishes, and it folds away neatly after use.

✅ Dish Dryer and Draining Board Combo

I love this, it has plenty of separate drainage spaces for glasses. This keeps them safe from cracking or breaking.

I actually think the design of this drainer is really attractive. Black with stainless steel very stylish.


I very much hope that you have found this post about dish racks useful to you.

Hopefully you have been able to find the perfect small dish drying rack for your needs.

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Small Dish Drying Racks for Small Kitchens

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