10 Best Silverware Drawer Organizers for Neat Kitchen Drawers

Best Flatware Drawer Organizing Ideas

Here are my favorite silverware drawer organizers that will help you to keep your kitchen drawers well organized and tidy.

Having plenty of kitchen drawers is a great asset in any kitchen but they are often stuffed full of all kinds of trash and unwanted items.

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Recently when I was decluttering one of my kitchen drawers I even found old cellphone chargers. I can’t even remember owning the phone so they must have been there for years.

So my first tip is to go through any drawers you have and make sure there isn’t anything that is redundant taking up precious space.

I like to keep my drawers themed so in one are “tools” like a small hammer, screwdrivers, etc. Not too though much as tools really belong in a shed. Note that heavy tools might damage your drawers.

Another has flatware, neatly stacked in a plastic holder. I try to keep just 6 of everything but I have a few more knives and teaspoons than anything else.

Another is for batteries and miscellaneous small items.

The last one has plastic food bags food recycling bags and tech chargers.

✅ OXO Silverware Organizer Adjustable

This organizer has numerous pegs that can be used to stack your flatware on top of each other.

The great advantage of doing it this way is the flatware cant get damaged by the actions of the drawers going in and out.

 OXO Good Grips Expandable Flatware OrganizerOXO  Good Grips Expandable Flatware Organizer


✅ Flatware Drawer Organizer with Knife Block

This flatware organizer also features a handy knife block, that can be removed.

Very useful if you have a set of steak knives you need to store without damage.

As this organizer is adjustable it will fit into most kitchen drawers.

 Silverware Drawer Tray with Knife BlockSilverware Drawer Tray with Knife Block


✅ Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Insert

This kitchen utensil and silverware organizer has a roomy up to 9 compartments depending on the size of your drawer.

I like that this organizer has a couple of longer compartments that are perfect for long handled kitchen utensils.

 Bamboo Expandable Drawer OrganizerBamboo Expandable Drawer Organizer


✅ Kitchen Drawer Dividers for Long Handled Utensils

Great for storing those utensils with long handles. I don’t have this in my kitchen so I have been forced to store put my long knives on a magnetic knife holder.

Also, I keep my cooking utensils (ladles and spoons) in a couple of utensils holders on my countertop.

What I like about this product is the way the compartment slide apart to perfectly fit the drawer you are using.

 Expandable Kitchen Utensil Drawer OrganizerExpandable Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer


✅ Drawer Insert for Kitchen Knives

This is a great way to keep all your kitchen knives neat and tidy and together in one place.

The way the knives are stored in there own slots means the blade can’t be blunted.

Also the knives are always kept in a way that means you can take the knife out of the drawer safely.

 16 Slot Kitchen Drawer Knife Holder16 Slot Kitchen Drawer Knife Holder


✅ Small Narrow Utensil Tray Drawer Organizer

This is a great idea for anyone who is short of space in the kitchen.

The design is so clever as the pieces of flatware are neatly stacked above each other, but all are within easy reach.

 Small Flatware Silverware Drawer OrganizerSmall Flatware Silverware Drawer Organizer


✅ Adjustable Flatware Organizer

Practical flatware organizer every kitchen needs.

 Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Flatware OrganizerBamboo Adjustable Kitchen Flatware Organizer


✅ Stacking Layered Kitchen Drawer Trays

To make the most of the space you have one solution is to use stacking layered trays that will stack inside your kitchen drawers.

Stacking the trays will add to the storage area of your drawers. Great for storing silverware and kitchen gadgets and utensils.

 Stacking Kitchen Drawer Organizer Space Saving DesignStacking Kitchen Drawer Organizer Space Saving Design


✅ Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers

One way of dividing up the into section sis with expandable dividers. These are great as they will fit a wide range of drawer sizes.

They provide a way to make different sized compartment in your drawers to fit a whole range of different items you need to store.

 Bamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers Kitchen OrganizersBamboo Expandable Drawer Dividers Kitchen Organizers


✅Clear Plastic Flatware Organizer

This clear plastic flatware organizer will fit neatly into your kitchen drawer.

In each compartment there are rubber inserts that will stop your flatware from moving around.

This is a nice additional that will help you to keep your silverware in good condition.

 Silverware Organizer with Protective LinersSilverware Organizer with Protective  Liners


Top 10 Tips for Decluttering and Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

#1 Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

I would recommend going through everything in your drawers and making sure you are only keeping things that you really need and want.

Sometimes it is just so easy to put items in drawers when you are tidying up. Often with the thought….. I’ll deal with that later!!!

Of course later never comes, and over time the drawers become stuffed with objects that are either not wanted anymore or could be stored elsewhere.

#2 DIY Kitchen Drawer Organizer Ideas

I love this tutorial that shows you how to make an easy homemade drawer organizer. Simple and cheap to make.

What I love about this is the way you can custom fit the size of the storage compartments to suit your particular requirements

#3 Easy DIY Pegboard Drawer Organizer

Here is a super creative idea that will not cost the earth.

It is perhaps best suited to people that have DIY equipment like saws, but it looks really easy to achieve.

#4 Remove Packaging Before Storing

One great tip is to be sure to remove any bulky packing from the items you need to store.

For example, I like to have plenty of batteries in my kitchen drawers.

I can store so many more when I take them out of the packaging and storing them neatly in small cardboard boxes that they fit neatly into the drawer.

#5 Store Like Items Together

Try to store like items all together in the same drawer.

In this way, it is easy to remember where items are, and it just logical. I love to make the storage near to where it will be most used.

So, for example, in my kitchen, the flatware drawer is near where I plate food up.

#6 Add Drawer Liners

You can make your drawers more attractive by adding liners to the bottom.

These also have the advantage of protecting the drawer bottoms from damage.

Here is an easy DIY tutorial from Family Handyman

#7 Tackle the Junk Drawer

We all have one! It’s that drawer that all the odds and ends are just thrown into. Decluttering Your Life has some solutions.

#8 Use Drawers for Charging Tech

My sister does this, all the tech in her home (with 3 teenagers) is charged in a kitchen drawer.

Her husband was able to drill a large hole in the back of the drawer and threaded through an electric adaptor that the phone chargers could be connected to.

This is a really good idea if you have a suitable discreet electrical outlet to connect.

#9 Use Items you all Ready Have in Your Home

If I ever have any small boxes (old iPhone boxes are great for example). I use these to organize small items in my kitchen drawers.

#10 DIY T-Bag Organizer

If you love tea and you have loads of different tea types and flavors then this DIY T-Bag organizer would be for you.

It is quick and easy to make using an old tin, and items you probably have around the home already.


I very much hope these easy tips and hacks for making the most of your kitchen drawers will prove useful.

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Best Silverware Drawer Organizing Ideas

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