*Shabby Chic Craft Ideas: 3 Easy Craft Projects to Enjoy

shabby chic craft ideas

Shabby Chic is a great look for your home decor. The problem is ready made Shabby Chic pieces can be very expensive to buy new. Luckily the Shabby Chic look lends itself so well to projects you can make at home. I have featured 3 projects for you to look at. These projects can range from really easy like the picture frame idea featured below. To more demanding like the shabby chic bedroom makeover. You have to remember it doesn’t have to be perfect as the name suggests if it looks a bit shabby then so much the better.

Have Fun with these Shabby Chic Craft Ideas

I have found this great demonstration of how to make a shabby chic picture frame. I love this video as it contains simple and clear instructions, so any one should be able to make this. Also this project lends its self to using items and products you may already have in your house, perhaps you already have an old picture frame that is suitable, you could give a new lease of life to. Once you have completed the picture frame you could “antique” a favorite photograph and place it next to your bed as outlined in the third video of a bedroom makeover further down this page.

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  1. Materials Required for the Picture Frame
  2. Wooden frames
  3. Craft paint
  4. Small paint brush
  5. Self adhesive magnets
  6. Sandpaper coarse and fine grain.
  7. Shabby Chic embellishments.

Shabby Chic Craft Items for Sale

#1 Shabby Chic Resin Treasures-Large Window Closers 4/Pkg 1 To 4
Shabby Chic Resin Treasures-Large Window Closers 4/Pkg 1″ To 4″

#2 Martha Stewart PROMO767D Acrylic Paint 2-Ounce Best Selling Colors II
Martha Stewart PROMO767D Acrylic Paint 2-Ounce Best Selling Colors II

#3 Shabby Chic Metal Treasures-Outdoor Wall Lamps 2/Pkg 1 To 2
Shabby Chic Metal Treasures-Outdoor Wall Lamps 2/Pkg 1″ To 2″

#4 MCS Unfinished Pine Craft Frame 5 by 7-Inch
MCS Unfinished Pine Craft Frame 5 by 7-Inch

#5 Prima - Shabby Chic Collection - Resin Treasure Embellishments - Bird Bath
Prima – Shabby Chic Collection – Resin Treasure Embellishments – Bird Bath


How to Make the Picture Frames

  1. Remove the paper and glass from the picture frame.
  2. Paint the picture frame paint around all edges if your frame is going to be used standing up. Don’t worry about painting the back if you are going to attach the frame to your fridge.
  3. Allow the paint is dry. Sand back the paint using the coarse sandpaper. Concentrate in the edges and corners, rub harder on these areas. The wood needs to show through the paint.
  4. Finish off the sanding using the fine grade sandpaper, keep sanding until you have a smooth finish.
  5. If the frame will be stuck onto fridge attach magnets to the back of the frame.
  6. Add a shabby chic style picture or embellishments into the frame.

Beautiful Decorative Shabby Chic Tree Idea

I found this lovely video of a shabby chic tree, by craft dot cupcake. I think the end result is stunning. You could either make all the decorations yourself following the tutorials in the series or you could buy the decorations, or use a combination. One tip before you start I would have a good look around your house to see what you already have that would lend itself to the shabby chic look. Shabby Chic Ornamental Tree. List of items and materials needed to completer the project.

  1. For the tree and container, you will need a bundle of twigs, plant pot, fabric, twine, stones and gravel.
  2. Selection of shabby chic style flowers, hearts, bird houses, butterflies and birds either home made or bought or a combination of the two.
  3. Selection of pretty ribbons and pearl beads.
  4. White fairy lights.
  5. A selection of small and large bottles, scent bottles would be a good look.

How to assemble your decorative tree.

  1. Gather the twigs into an artful bundle and secure with twine. Place the twig bundle into the plant container secure with stones and gravel. Cover the plant pot with fabric. Place this “tree” on a table in a corner.
  2. Arrange the fairy lights around the twig branches to your satisfaction.
  3. Place the hearts, birdhouses, butterflies, birds and bottles on and around the base of the tree. Spend some time arranging the decorations until you are happy with the final result. Use the video above as you inspiration.
  4. Use the ribbons and pearls to attach the decorations to the branches.
  5. Stand back and admire your handy work. This tree can be modified throughout the year, for example you may want to change the design at Christmas time.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Next time you are thinking of revamping your bedroom certainly consider the shabby chic look. It is easy to achieve great style and elegance on a budget. Below is a video which I enjoyed looking at which contains ideas on how to achieve the shabby chic look, followed by some instructions. Happy shabby chic-ing!!!

Get the look. List of items needed to complete the project.

  1. Paint stripper – Only needed If it is necessary to remove old paint and varnish.
  2. Paint and/or undercoat suitable for painting wood and metal pieces. Choose a pale cream or off white.
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Vintage Bird Cage
  5. Selection of candles.
  6. White Pitcher Style Vase
  7. Vintage Style Perfume Bottle
  8. Ruffle Pillow Cover
  9. Candelabra Style Candle Holder
  10. Set of perfume bottles
  11. Shabby Chic Picture Frame
  12. Glass vase
  13. A selection of fresh flowers of your choice, choose pale whites, creams or pale pinks.
  14. Hunt out suitable pieces from thrift stores.

How to Achieve the Shabby Chic Bedroom Look.

  1. To make the bedside tables and sets of drawers. Search out small pieces of wooden furniture from a thrift store, I would look for pieces that are made from real wood. The condition of the piece is not too important as you will be painting over the piece.The furniture should fit neatly into the spaces on the side of your bed.
  2. If necessary remove old paint or varnish. Rub down the wood. Use an undercoat or primer first. Then paint the furniture with the color paint of your choice. Once the paint has dried thoroughly, take your sandpaper and rub away the paint from the edges of the tables, this will give the piece the shabby chic look.
  3. For the bird cage paint this with the the color of your choice. Allow to dry.
  4. Assemble all the ornaments, like the white china, candles, bird cage, perfume bottles. Arrange artfully in the way you like it. For the shabby chic look group like objects together and have a range of different textures mixed together. For example put glass next to china. It will take some time to get the display just you like it.
  5. For the picture, copy a favorite picture into your computer and use a picture editing software like Photoshop to make the picture look old. Print this out and place in a picture frame.
  6. Make up the bed with a set of pale colored or white bedding. Arrange ruffled pillows in top of the bed.
  7. Fill the vases with fresh flowers.

shabby chic craft ideas


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