10 Best Rustic Rooster Decor for Kitchens in 2020

Here is my guide to the best rustic rooster decor for kitchens that will look great in any farmhouse style kitchen.

This includes ideas for vintage rooster decor, farmhouse chicken decor and rustic rooster decorating ideas.

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Please take a look through all the lovely products that are available if you want to make your kitchen rooster themed.

✅ Rustic Rooster Kitchen Rug Ideas

When it comes to kitchen rugs there is plenty of choice including rustic rooster and more contemporay designs.

The mat I have chosen shows a fine colorful upstanding cockerel. That is sure to look great in any kitchen.

✅ Chicken Kitchen Pictures and Wall Art

This is a lovely piece of wall art the features a a white and black chicken. Proudly perched on top of a red pot.

This is a great choice for a kitchen as the picture features all kinds of culinary herbs and vegetables.

✅ Metal Rooster Kitchen Ornaments

Here are three lovely model of a chicken with two cockerels.

These are perfect as decorations that can sit on a counter top or a shelf.

As the models are flat they don’t take up much space, which is a great advantage in a kitchen.

✅ Rustic Style Rooster Kitchen Curtain Set

If you are aiming for a rustic feel to the kitchen then this lovely set of curtains and valence will fit the bill.

It features a repeating pattern of an upstanding cockerel with a coordinating red bad around the edge.

✅ Colorful Rooster Dinnerware Set

Here is every thing you need to sit down and eat dinner, even including a set of mugs.

This is a set that will cater for 4 people. It includes dinner plates, side plates dessert bowls and mugs.

I could see this making a wonderful gift for a person that loves chickens and cockerels.

✅ Rooster Kitchen Canisters

There are a great many different kinds of rooster kitchen canisters Amazon has a huge selection HERE.

What I like about this set of canisters is the very pretty artwork on the side of each canister.

The red lids make that suitable for a red themed kitchen as well.

✅ Farmhouse Style Rooster Kitchen Dish Towels

Although this set of dish towels is mainly black and white the cockerel has his combs and wattles picked out in red.

I see this set of towels fitting into a farmhouse style kitchen.

✅ Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Clock

This features a lovely picture of a cockerel standing proudly with a superior look in his eye.

This would fit into a rustic farmhouse style kitchen as the background has a distressed wood look.

Amazon has a large selection of rooster clocks.

✅ Cockerel Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This set of salt and pepper shakers will look great on any dinner table.

They are glass with stunning prints of two different roosters.

✅ Rooster Cafe Sign for Decorating Kitchen Walls

Here is a lovely sign that will look great on your kitchen wall.

The artwork says french farmhouse style, but it would fit into other decor themes as well.

You can find more rooster signs at Amazon.

Tips on How to Achieve a Rooster Themed Kitchen

If you want a rustic look to your kitchen, regardless of whether it is southern American rustic or a more tuscany style, rooster kitchen accessories can help you get the appearance that you want without having to worry about whether it fits into the rustic theme.

Roosters are almost universally accepted as a part of any rustic theme and are often considered the symbol of farm life.

If you are going for the old fashioned rustic look, almost any rooster kitchen accessory will fit nicely.

However, many people often think that the only rooster kitchen accessories available are vases, cookie jars and pot holders.

This is incorrect. It is possible to acquire many different items bearing the rooster, including spoons, knives and forks, mixing spoons and even mixer caps.

You are often only limited by your imagination and how much you are willing to spend on your new rooster kitchen accessories.

The first step to purchasing rooster kitchen accessories is to determine whether or not you want an authentic rustic kitchen or if purchasing modern items are suitable.

Depending on your budget and the style of kitchen you are going for, you may wish to find antique rooster kitchen accessories.

These items are increasingly more difficult to find, and are typically vases or jars, as these items are typically what survive the tests of time.

The older the item, the more expensive it will be. For this reason, many people choose to go for either brand new or fairly recently made rooster kitchen accessories.

This can keep costs down while still matching the theme that you want. In addition to this, the more exotic the item, the higher the cost for the item.

While there are many rooster spoons, forks and knives available, if you want this stylization in silver or wood, expect to pay a great deal more for it.

Most rooster accessories for kitchens are made from ceramic or plastic. While finer materials are available, metals typically go against the rustic theme that many people are seeking when they purchase these accessories.

In addition to making use of rooster kitchen accessories, you may want to consider how your kitchen is laid out. The more modern the kitchen, the less likely it is that rooster accessories will fit into your kitchen.


There are plenty of products available if you are aiming for a rustic rooster kitchen decorating scheme.

I hope this guide has been some help as you choose the best pieces for your own kitchen.

Good luck!

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