Best Decorative Red Kitchen Storage Containers for 2021

red kitchen storage solutions

Here is a list of the best red kitchen storage containers, designed to help you organize your countertops and add style to the kitchen.

They are designed to sit on your countertop as they are all attractive enough to be on show.

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Below is a list of different kind of storage solutions from, bread bins to utensil holders.

✅ 4 Piece Red Canister Sets for Kitchens

With a 4 piece red canister set, you get storage jars of various sizes that are designed to store your sugar, coffee, tea and cookies.

Here are my top 3 picks of red canisters.

<==== See All 4 Piece Red Canister Sets Here

Ceramic Chili Red 4-Piece Canister SetCeramic Chili Red 4-Piece Canister Set4 Piece Red Canister Set4 Piece Red Canister SetOggi Canister Set Red 4 PieceOggi Canister Set Red 4 Piece


It is nice and convenient to store produce, like coffee and sugar, on your countertop in nice attractive storage jars. This is because they are regularly used in the kitchen to make quick drinks and to grab a cookie snack without having to search through your pantry cupboards.

The way these storage jars are designed means they will look good just sitting on your countertop. A nice bright red pop of color to add to your kitchen decor.

I like the Oggi 4 piece set which would sit comfortably in a contemporary kitchen as the color is a real bright red. I also like the way the jars have strong and sturdy locking clamp on each lid that will keep the jars airtight helping to keep the contents nice and fresh.

With the ceramic set, we have a different shade of red to the Oggi set. With this rather muted chili red it would be suitable for a more traditional style kitchen. I’m thinking this set would look great in a French or Tuscan style kitchen. This set of canisters has a rubber band set into each lid that will provide an effective seal.

Tips for Buying 4 Piece Red Canister Sets for Your Kitchen Storage Needs.

  • make sure the shade of red you choose will complement your kitchen decor.
  • look for red canister sets that have a good airtight seal.
  • if you have arthritis in your hands then you may want to think about how you might cope with jars with locking clamps.
  • choose what material you want the canister set to be made of. For example, canister sets can be found in ceramic, plastic or wood.

Bread Storage Solutions for your Kitchen

Here are some red bread bins I have selected that will look fantastic on your countertop. It doesn’t matter what style of kitchen you have there will be the perfect bread bin to complement that style.

You could choose from rustic or vintage to ultra-modern, what you select will depend on your personal taste and the decor of your kitchen.

==> In a Hurry? you can see a full range of red bread boxes here

✅ Red Apple Bread Boxes with Tuscany Red Fruit Designs

These red apple and fruit bread crock pots are beautiful, they have all been made from hand-painted ceramic. The fruit painting detail on the sides of these bread bins is gorgeous.

I’m not surprised that the design called the Orchard Collection by Tuscany is their top-selling design in their product ranges.

Tuscany Apple Bread BoxTuscany Apple Bread BoxCrimson Orchard Toast Jar, 82775 By ACKCrimson Orchard Toast JarCountry Apple Bread BoxCountry Apple Bread Box

✅ Red Brabatina Bread Box

If you have a large family this could be the perfect bread bin for you, this is because it has a large internal capacity.

I love that this bread bin has that roll back lid feature, this reminds me of the bread bin my mother had when I was a child.

Nice to see the old designs are still working well.

It is designed to last and comes with a 10-year guarantee. This is a great way to introduce a pop of red color to your kitchen.

Brabantia Roll Top Breadbox, Stainless steel, Passion RedBrabantia Roll Top Breadbox, Stainless steel, Passion Red

✅ Red Ceramic Bread Bin with a Rooster Design

This is a delightful ceramic bread bin with a red lid, Tuscan rooster and sunflowers design.

This will look so pretty in a country farmhouse type kitchen.

Tuscany White Red Sunflower Rooster Hand Painted Ceramic BreadBox/ Toast Jar, 86875 by ACKTuscany White Red Sunflower Rooster Hand Painted Ceramic BreadBox Toast Jar

✅ Metallic Red Bread Bin

If you are looking to introduce a splash of red color into your kitchen I would recommend this stylish red bread box. Placing a bread box in your kitchen helps you to keep organized and the kitchen clutter-free.

This bread box is spacious enough to store several loaves of bread in one place. The top of the bread box is made up of a handy roll-top cover. This bread box is manufactured from powder-coated steel so is certainly made to last.

ZUCCOR Fingerprint-Proof Powder Coated Steel Bread Box (MILANO RED)ZUCCOR Fingerprint-Proof Powder Coated Steel Bread Box 

✅ Typhoon Vintage Red Retro Bread Bin

This is a lovely red retro-style bread bin from Typhoon. The main body of the box is made from enamel coated bread bin so with care should last a very long time.

On top of the bread, bin is a wooden lid that does double duty as a breadboard for slicing your bread. Very handy I’m always in favor of pieces of equipment that do more than one job in a kitchen.

Great for a smaller kitchen.

Typhoon Red Bread Box, 19-3/4 by 11 by 7-1/2-InchesTyphoon Red Bread Box, 19-3/4 by 11 by 7-1/2-Inches

✅ Brushed Stainless Steel Bread Box Cover

This bread box is for the ultra-modern kitchen. I like to way it is designed, where the whole of the front of the lid flips back over the outside of the bin.

This is better the more traditional design as the lid won’t get caught on the contents of the bread box!

ZUCCOR Genoa Brushed Stainless Steel Bread Box/Storage Box with Red Polystyrene Front CoverZUCCOR Genoa Brushed Stainless Steel Bread Box/Storage Box with Red Polystyrene Front Cover

✅ Ceramic Red Chili Kitchen Bread Crock

This Bell Pepper Ceramic Bread Box would certainly make a bright and colorful statement piece in your kitchen. This bread box is made from hand-painted ceramic.

If you love or are a collector of red bell pepper pieces then this the perfect bread box for you. It could make a great gift for a person that collects red chili pepper pieces for the kitchen.

RED BELL PEPPER 3-D / Ceramic Bread Box *NEW!*RED BELL PEPPER 3-D / Ceramic Bread Box *NEW!*

✅ Red Italian Tuscan Kitchen Storage Accessories

I love the Italian Tuscan look in a kitchen this can be achieved by adding an Italian Tuscan Red Canister Set to your kitchen decor. Here are 3 of my favorite primarily red Tuscan Canister Sets.

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Tuscany Red 4pcs Canister SetTuscany Red 4pcs Canister SetTuscan Red Canister SetTuscan Red Canister SetTuscany Red Hand Painted CanistersTuscany Red Hand Painted Canisters


Buying a set of red ceramic kitchen canisters in the Italian style can bring a great pop of red color to your kitchen.

These storage jars are not only beautiful to look at but they are practical too. Use them to store items that you need to have at hand like tea, coffee, sugar and cookies. It could also be used for other items like baking ingredients like flour or dried fruits.

With these storage jars, you get an almost handmade artisan look, and many of the sets are actually hand-painted. I particularly like the set that is pictured in the center above. I particularly like the set that is pictured in the center above. It has a lovely Fleur De Lis design.

The set that has roosters painted on them are actually done by hand, the artist has done an amazing job I’m sure you agree. There is a cookie jar that is in the same design that can be bought separately.

✅ Italian Style Kitchen Canisters

Here is a selection of Italian Canisters that have red within the pattern of the decoration.

Italian Dinnerware - Canister Set - Handmade in Italy from our Roma Amor CollectionItalian Dinnerware – Canister Set – Handmade in Italy Hand Painted Italian Ceramic 7-inch Canister Geometrico 39E - Handmade in DerutaItalian Canister Set Ceramic Canister Geometrico Handmade in Deruta

What to look for in Tuscany Canisters

  • a hand-painted set in a deep rich red.
  • tightly fitting lids if you intend to store perishable goods.
  • extra detailing like the Fleur De Lis pattern or red rooster patterns featured above.
  • sets with a variety of different sizes
  • lookout for storage jar sets that have other items you can buy separately like cookie jars.
  • choose a red that will fit in with your current kitchen decor.
  • a great choice for a gift for a person that loves Tuscany or Italy.
  • lookout for those Italian canister sets that say they are hand-painted in Italy.

✅ Red Kitchen Utensils Sets

The secret to making good food in the kitchen is to have the right tools and utensils around you. You don’t need every gadget ever made just a few basic items will do.

However, I find when cooking you need to have 3 or 4 of the most used items as this means you don’t have to stop to wash up a utensil when it becomes dirty. I like to have plenty of large spoons for stirring, these could be wooden or silicone.

38-piece Kitchen Utensils Set Home Cooking Tools Gadgets Turners Tongs Spatulas Pizza Cutter Whisk Bottle Opener, Graters Peeler, Can Opener, Measuring Cups Spoons (Red)38 Kitchen Utensils Set Home Cooking Tools 4YANG Silicone Spatula Cooking Utensil Set Heat Resistant Kitchen Gadgets (8 Pieces)-Includes:Turner, Slotted spoon , Ladle ,Spoon, Spoon Spatula, Spoonula, Spatula & Basting brush (Red)Spatula Cooking Utensil Set Heat Resistant Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set 11-Piece Cooking Tool and Gadget Set Baking Whisk Brush Spatulas (Red)Silicone Kitchen Utensils Set 11-PieceWESTENCAT Kitchen Utensils Set 10 Pcs Cherry Red Heat Resistant Nonstick Silicone Flatware Serving Utensils Sets for Cooking or BakingKitchen Utensils Set 10 Pcs Cherry RedKitchenAid 17-piece Tools and Gadget Set, Red17-piece Tools and Gadget Set, RedStarPack Home Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set with 101 Cooking Tips, Standard, 10.6-Inch (5 Piece Set) - Cherry RedStarPack Home Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set 

✅ Rachael Ray Utensil Sets

The Rachael Ray Red 6 Piece Utensil Set provides all the utensils you need to make up Rachael’s favorite Italian foods. The set includes a slotted turner, slotted spoon, ladle, pasta fork, and a solid spoon.

Because the Utensils are made from nylon they are ideal to use on your non-stick pans. All the utensils have a soft-grip handle and are dishwasher safe.

These match with other items from the Rachael Ray Collection. Rachael has produced other utensil sets in various colors and materials.

Rachael Ray Nylon Nonstick Tools Set, Red, 6-Piece, Tools and GadgetsRachael Ray Nylon Nonstick Tools Set, Red, 6-Piece, Tools and GadgetsRachael Ray Cucina Tools 5-Piece Wooden Tool Set, RedRachael Ray Cucina Tools 5-Piece Wooden Tool Set, RedRachael Ray Tools 3-Piece Spoonula Set, RedRachael Ray Tools 3-Piece Spoonula Set, Red

✅ Silicone Kitchen Utensil Sets

I love these silicone utensils, as they can be used while preparing hot foods. They have the added advantage of not scratching or damaging non-stick cooking equipment.

TTLIFE Silicone Spatula Utensil Kitchen 8 Pieces With Turner, Slotted spoon, Ladle, Spoon, Spoon Spatula, Spooula, Spatula, Basting brushSpatula Utensil Kitchen 8 Pieces Kitchen Utensils- 10 Piece Silicone Cooking Tools Set w Bamboo Holder- Spatula, Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Tongs, Basting Brush, Ladle and MoreKitchen Utensils 10 Cooking Tools Set Silicone Kitchen Utensils Tool ONEVER Cooking Baking Utensil Set Heat Resistant Baking Spoonula, Brush,Whisk, Spatula,Ladle,Slotted Turner and Spoon,Tongs,Pasta Fork 10pcsSilicone Kitchen Utensils Tool Red SetCOSA 6-piece kitchen silicone utensils non-stick heat resistant spatula whisk ladle spoon spaghetti spoon cooking setRed Whisk and spoon cooking setSilicone, Nonstick, Kitchen Cooking Utensil spatula Tool Set, Colorful Gadgets, Set Includes; Slotted Turner, Pasta Fork, Spoon Spatula, LadleKitchen Cooking Utensil spatula Tool SetSimplexSilicone Classic 7pc Premium NonStick Heat Resistant Silicone Cooking Kitchen Utensils with Hygienic Solid Coating - Includes Spoon, Spatula, Pasta Fork, Turner, Ladle, Tongs, Whisk (Apple Red)Red Silicone Cooking Kitchen Utensils

✅ Red Kitchen Utensil Sets with Holder

I find a utensil holder a boon when I’m cooking. Stacking the kitchen utensils and in a holder keeps them to hand. It is much faster to grab a spatula from a holder than to scrabble around looking for the same item in a kitchen cupboard or drawer.

Reston Lloyd 82960 5-Piece Calypso Basics Utensil Holder Set, RedCalypso Basics Utensil Holder Set, RedRuffle Utensil Holder with Wooden UtensilsRuffle Utensil Holder with Wooden UtensilsKitchen Cooking Utensils with Built-in Stand, Set of 6, Spoon, Spatula, Skimmer, Soup Ladle, Draining Spoon and Large Spoon, Plus 7th Holder Piece and Desserts EbookKitchen Cooking Utensils with Built-in StandHedyco Best red Kitchen Utensil SetHedyco Best red Kitchen Utensil SetTuscany 3D Red Apple, Hand Painted Ceramic Kitchen Tool Utensil Holder Set, 87438 by ACKTuscany 3D Ceramic Red Apple

✅ OXO Kitchen Utensil Sets

I’m including these sets of OXO kitchen utensils because I have always been so impressed with the quality and longevity of these kitchen utensils.

OXO 2-Piece Good Grips Nylon Flexible Turner Set, Red/BlueOXO 2-Piece Good Grips Nylon Flexible Turner Set, Red/BlueOXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool SetOXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool SetOXO Good Grips 4-Piece Nylon Tool Set, BlackOXO Good Grips 4-Piece Nylon Tool Set, Black

✅ Rachael Ray “Lazy” Kitchen Utensils

A few more utensils below. I really am impressed with the Rachael Ray kitchenware range. They feature a number of products labeled as “lazy”. These have a clip that allows you to rest the utensil on the side of a bowl or pan. This would be great for me as I get fed up of cleaning down my counter top every time I put a spoon or a pair of tongs down.

Rachael Ray Tools 2-Piece Lazy Spoon & Lazy Ladle Set, RedRachael Ray Tools 2-Piece Lazy Spoon & Lazy Ladle Set, RedRachael Ray 3 Piece Silicone Lazy Tools Set, RedRachael Ray 3 Piece Silicone Lazy Tools Set, RedRachael Ray Tools and Gadgets Lazy Tongs, RedRachael Ray Tools and Gadgets Lazy Tongs, Red

✅ Vintage Red Canister Sets

Adding a vintage red canister set to your kitchen will help you to achieve the vintage or retro look to your kitchen decor.

Here are three of my favorite designs that can be bought new but with vintage looks.

<=== Click Here To See More Vintage Red Canister Sets ===>


Vintage Red Canister SetVintage Red Canister SetMason Jar Canister Set, Rustic Mason Jar Centerpiece, Rustic Red CanistersRed Mason Jar Canister SetEnamel Red Canister SetEnamel Red Canister Set


Enamel Red Kitchen Storage Jars

When I think of retro or vintage items for the kitchen I tend to think of enamel, with old-fashioned styling and designs. Just like the Typhoon set of tea coffee and sugar canisters featured above on the right for this reason.

How to Achieve a Vintage, Retro or Shabby Chic Look with Red Kitchen Canisters

  • look for metal canisters that have been powder coated to produce a robust finish.
  • lookout for thrift shop or antique shop finds.
  • look for kitchen canisters that have words written on them e.g. coffee in vintage style fonts.
  • consider storage jars that have been purposely aged so that look old and worn for a shabby chic look.
  • if you are storing perishable goods in your canisters make sure they are airtight. Alternatively, you can place strong polyethylene bags inside the canisters and store your goods inside the bag. This tip could be useful if you love the look of the canisters but need the canister to be airtight.

Deep Red Canister Sets for Kitchens

Here is a selection of my favorite deep red canister sets for kitchens. These are sure to add a touch of class and color to your kitchen decor.

<=== For a Full Range of Deep Red Canister Sets Click Here ===>

✅ Ceramic Deep Red Kitchen Storage Canister Set

Deep Red Kitchen Storage Canister SetDeep Red Kitchen Storage Canister Set


If you are a keen baker and are looking for a deep red kitchen storage jar set then this may be the set for you. This ceramic set consists of 3 canisters. The largest is just over 18 cups capacity so is ideal for storing your flour. Because these storage jars have an airtight seal in the lid you can be certain that the contents in these canisters will not spoil.

When I am baking I like to have all my most commonly used ingredients close to hand. There is nothing worse than realizing that you need another ingredient from the pantry when you are in the middle of a recipe. I have made many mistakes by leaving a cake recipe in the middle to hunt down an ingredient and then losing my way when I return to the recipe.

✅ Deep Red Kitchen Storage Set

Deep Red Canisters Sets for KitchensDeep Red Canisters Sets for Kitchens


This is an unusual yet stylish handmade ceramic deep red kitchen storage set. The reason it is unusual is the rather lovely wood lids that are made from mango wood. I’ve never heard of mango wood being used in this way, but it looks lovely nevertheless. Also on the sides of the canisters are brass labels that describe the contents. In this instance, that is coffee, sugar and tea.

✅ Dark Red Canister Set

Dark Red Canister SetDark Red Canister Set


This dark red canister set is very unusual as each storage jar has its own stainless steel spoon or scoop. Every spoon is attached to the side of each canister by a sturdy loop that is integral to the jar. The jars themselves are made from ceramic and the outside is a very deep and dark red. Perfect for any kind of food storage in the kitchen. Attractive enough to leave on the side of your countertop or could be used to store consumables in a cupboard.

Red Kitchen Canister Sets are a Practical Choice for Your Kitchen Storage Needs

Every kitchen needs a decent set of kitchen canisters to store sugar, tea, coffee and cookies, close at hand so that you can quickly make that cup of tea or coffee.

✅ Whimsical Decorative Kitchen Canister Sets

These three kitchen canister sets are really fun and quirky. From a set depicting watermelons to a lovely set of kitchen canisters in the shape of a set of lighthouses. Choosing any of these sets will be a great addition to your kitchen decor.

Lighthouse Ceramic Storage Canister JarLighthouse Ceramic Storage Canister JarRed Polka Dot and Stripe Canister SetRed Polka Dot and Stripe Canister Set3D Watermelon Ceramic Storage Jars3D Watermelon Ceramic Storage Jars


✅ Red Rooster Canister Set

Red Rooster Canister SetRed Rooster Canister Set


I love this set of ceramic rooster canister sets that will look great in any kitchen. Also these would make a great gift for a person who loves chickens or roosters.

✅ Ruby Red Canisters: Red Italian Style Kitchen Canisters

Ruby Red Canisters CollectionRuby Red Canisters Collection

Although these are a plain Red Kitchen Canister Set, with Italian Styling. They will provide for your storage needs that you like to keep close to hand like coffee and sugar. These storage canisters are smart enough to sit on your counter-top. I like the simple styling and the deep rich red of this set.

What to Consider when Buying Red Kitchen Canisters

Red kitchen canisters come in a wide variety of materials, these include colored and clear glass, enamelled metal, glazed stoneware and ceramic.

One important thing to look for though is to make sure the canisters are 100% airtight. Otherwise, your cookies could go soft, tea and coffee will lose their flavor and your sugar may go a bit lumpy. Look out for products that incorporate a silicone seal as this is the best method to maintain a good seal.

When it comes to design I personally wouldn’t buy whole sets of one type of canister, the problem with this look is that it can look contrived. I think a nice mix of different shapes, sizes and patterns look to the eye more natural and relaxed. An eclectic mix gives the impression you have spent time considering your purchases.

When considering adding red color accents into your kitchen, there is probably no easier way than purchasing a set of red kitchen canisters or individual items. The main reason for this is that the sets or individual pieces are relatively cheap compared to other items you can buy for your kitchen. This means that if after you have purchased an item and then change your mind and find that red is not for you then not too much money has been spent and lost. Canisters are designed to be seen, so consequently, they come in some interesting and exciting designs.

Looking at the range of kitchen canisters the choice is immense. If you are looking to complement any design style then there is bound to be a set of red canisters to suit. For example, Typhoon makes a lovely range of retro and vintage canisters made from enameled metal. The company Signature

The company Signature has produced sets of stylish canisters that will look great in a more contemporary styled kitchen.

The french manufacturer, Le Creuset, on the other hand, produces a range of canisters that will look fabulous in a country style kitchen. Also, look out for canisters that have a shabby chic or French country kitchen style, these would add personality to your kitchen particularly if you are trying to go for an eclectic look.

✅ Best Red Tea, Coffee and Sugar Canisters:

These items make perfect Storage Solutions for your Kitchen.

I think most people like to have storage jars filled with tea, sugar and coffee near to their kettle and the place the mugs are stored. Keeping these all together makes producing a hot beverage quick and easy.

Here are 3 of my favorite sets.

<=== Click Here for a Full Selection of Red Tea Coffee and Sugar Canisters

Red Tea Coffee and Sugar CanistersContemporary Red Tea Coffee and Sugar CanistersRed and Cream Kitchen Storage ContainersRed and Cream Kitchen Storage ContainersTea Coffee and Sugar Storage ContainersTea Coffee and Sugar Storage Containers


I love the red storage containers featured to the right, above, this is because the design is red retro vintage. I could see this set sitting well on the countertop of a kitchen that has a 1950’s design.Both the body and lid of these canisters are made from metal. I like the way the writing on the canisters is set at a right angle very unusual. The lids have a silicone seal which will help to keep the contents of these jars fresh and ready to use.

The set in the center is made from metal and features a pretty cream and red motif, with a red lid that has a lacey cut out effect. The lids of these storage canisters are tight-fitting to keep all the contents fresh. These will look great in a more traditional kitchen or even a kitchen that follows a shabby chic theme.

The red canister set pictured above on the left would look great in a contemporary kitchen as they have sleek modern lines with a stainless steel tightly fitting lid. One customer that bought this set said they found the set too small. Anyone buying this set should make sure the size fits in with their expectations.

Here are my top picks on red Le Creuset kitchen canisters. Le Creuset is a manufacturer of kitchen accessories and equipment that has a great reputation for quality and stunning designs. With care, any of these storage canisters could last you a lifetime.

Red Le Creuset Kitchen CanisterRed Le Creuset Kitchen CanisterCherry Red Stoneware Storage JarCherry Red Stoneware Storage JarRed Le Creuset Butter CrockRed Le Creuset Butter Crock


I could see any of these canisters and crocks making a great present for a person that loves red Le Creuset in their kitchen. Personally, I would just love to receive the cute butter crock pictured above.
I have recently been on a high-fat-low-carb diet to lose weight.

This diet as you can imagine requires plenty of butter. This is when I realized that I didn’t have a container for sticks of butter that is nice enough to leave out on the countertop. I like to leave the butter out as there is nothing worse than dealing with hard butter straight from the fridge.

The canister is the middle is designed as a storage jar for coffee. I just love the styling on that jar. It’s quite unusual with a square shape and square lid. Of course, you don’t have to just use this for coffee. I think a set of three for coffee, tea and sugar would look fabulous sitting on my countertop.

What I Like About these Le Creuset Stoneware Canisters and Crocks.

  • All the lids have a silicone seal to provide airtight conditions that will ensure the contents will stay fresh.
  • The stoneware is extremely durable meaning the storage jars should not chip, crack or discolor. Plus if well cared for should last a lifetime.
  • If you have other red Le Creuset products in your kitchen then these will color match perfectly.
  • All the canisters can be washed in the dishwasher, with the exception of the wooden lid that has to be hand washed.

✅ Top 3 Red Apple Kitchen Canister Sets

Here is my selection of red apple kitchen storage canisters.

The designs range from 3D apple storage jars to beautiful Tuscan styled ceramic apple design storage jars.

All are beautiful to look at but they are practical as storage jars too.

Tuscany Red Apple Canister SetTuscany Red Apple Canister Set3D Red Apple Kitchen Storage Canisters3D Red Apple Kitchen Storage CanistersRed Apple Kitchen Canister SetRed Apple Kitchen Canister Set


As you can see there are some beautiful apple canister sets that are ideal for storage in an apple themed kitchen. I could see these sets as a great gift idea if you have a friend or family member that collects kitchen apple pieces. There are many people out there that love to have apple motifs, pictures, and other apple items in their kitchens.

I am very fond of apple decorations in the kitchen myself and I am very tempted to put the Tuscan Style set that is featured on the left above on my Christmas present list. I think it would look so beautiful sitting on my countertop. I have a more traditional style kitchen and they would fit in very well.

The 3D set that is featured in the center above is less likely to fit in with my kitchen decor, however, I have picked it as it would make a lovely gift for a person that likes 3D apple ornaments. These are so nice they could be placed on a shelf and used as purely decorative pieces.

With the set to the right, we have a lovely but more muted colored apple set. This set of storage canisters would work so well in a kitchen where the main color was a yellowish cream. Perfect in any country styled kitchen.

Add French Flea Market Style to your Kitchen with Shabby Chic Kitchen Canisters Sets

Here are my favorite shabby chic kitchen canister sets. The shabby chic look for the kitchen involves sourcing the types of products you can buy in French Flea markets. Of course, most of us can’t get to visit one of these markets so buying new pieces that have an antique vintage yet distressed look will be a great alternative.


Shabby Chic Kitchen CanistersShabby Chic Kitchen Canisters

Choose Red and White Kitchen Canisters

Here is my selection of red and white kitchen canisters that are suitable for the storage of different kinds of foods, including coffee, sugar and tea. All these canisters are attractive enough to be left out permanently on your countertop.

<=== Click Here to See All Red and White Kitchen Canisters

Red and White Kitchen CanistersRed and White Kitchen Canisters


I really love the look of the ceramic kitchen canister featured on the fight above. It has a white ceramic body but the bright red lid is inset and is made from silicone. This type of lid should ensure that the contents are kept unspoilt and fresh. A great storage jar for a modern styled kitchen. Although only one canister is shown here this is actually part of a three piece set.

Large Red Kitchen Canisters

Here is my selection of the most attractive large red kitchen canisters I could find. In this selection, we have a range of different styles, different shades of red.

Also, I have chosen canisters that are made from different materials like glass, ceramic and enamel. There is sure to be a red storage jar that will suit your needs and one that will fit perfectly into your kitchen decor.

<=== Click Here to See More Large Red Kitchen Canisters ===>

Large Scarlet Red Kitchen CanisterLarge Scarlet Red Kitchen CanisterLarge Glass Storage Jar with Red Metal LidLarge Glass Storage Jar with Red Metal LidCeramic Large Red Kitchen CanisterCeramic Large Red Kitchen CanisterLarge Red Rooster Red Kitchen CanisterLarge Red Rooster Red Kitchen CanisterTyphoon Red Large CanisterTyphoon Red Large Canister

Sometimes only a large canister will do. I love to bake and I find that I’m much more successful if I am organized and I have all my baking ingredients out on the countertop and close to hand. I like to keep bulky and frequently used ingredients on the countertop in nice-looking kitchen canisters.

Flour particularly takes up a lot of space and it is nice to have a storage canister that is attractive enough to sit out on the countertop permanently. Once I have finished baking I love to store all the cookies and cupcakes in a large airtight canister.

I am a fan of The Barefoot Contessa: Ina Garten if you have watched any of her shows you will know that she uses beautiful large glass containers to store her bulk baking ingredients like flour and sugar. In fact, the glass canister with the red lid, I have selected in the middle above reminds me of Ina’s storage jars.

However, you don’t just have to use these for baking ingredients. I know that not everyone likes to bake. They have numerous other uses, for example, to store dog biscuits or doggy treats, or even laundry soap.

Looking for More Kitchen Accessories and Kitchen Storage  Ideas?

red kitchen storage solutions

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