Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan Replacement Blades

Palm Leaf Ceiling Fan Replacement Blades

Here are a selection of palm leaf ceiling fan replacement blades.

Maybe your old fan blades need replacing or you just want to update the look of your ceiling fan.

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There should be a palm design replacement blade that suits you.

Just a word of caution before we start, please make sure that the replacement blades you have bought will fit and be suitable for your current fan model.

✅ Natural Palm Leaf Blade

This attractive oval shaped palm ceiling blades come as a set of 5.

These are designed for fanimation ceiling blades. However, if you are good at DIY you could probably fit them onto other ceiling fans. This is because they do not have any pre-drilled holes.

✅ Pale Colored Replacement Palm Style Blades

These come in a set of 5, and are made from natural materials.

I think the shape of these is very unusual and would make a striking decor accent in any room.

✅ Brown Woven Ceiling Blades

These fan blades are made from a durable plastic material, so can even be used in wet areas.

They need to be fitted to Kichleer ceiling fan units.

✅ Brown Palm Leaf Shape Fan Blade

For durability, this set of palm leaf design fan blades is made from a composite material.

As these blades are so large they will certainly make a statement in any room.

✅ Dark Brown Antique Finish Fan Blades

These are 22″ wide and made from bamboo. They come in sets of 8.

The lacquered antiqued look is very effective. I love to see a dark fan against a white ceiling.


I very much hope you have been able to find the product you need to upgrade you ceiling fan.

These are sure to make a beautiful centerpiece for any room.

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