10 Best Musical Mats for Toddlers: Gifts for Toddlers that Love Music

floor mat music players for toddlers

Here is my selection of musical mats for toddlers.

These musical toys are a great invention and hours of fun can be had as your toddlers try out the musical notes on the floor.

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These make great musical gifts for children that will encourage them to make music as they play.

✅ Jumbo Sized Piano Musical Floor Mat

Plenty of space here for fun and musical games as your kids dance along with the keyboard.

There is plenty of room here for up to 3 kids to play at a time.

There are 5 different kinds of modes to try as well.

✅ Musical Piano Floor Keyboard

Kids will be having fun while they learn about music.

This clever keyboard has a number of different functions including multiple instruments together with record and playback.

✅ Music Mat with Record and Playback

What I like about this mat is the way it is smaller than most.

This means it can be used in places that are short of space, for example in the child’s bedroom.

✅ Giant Piano Mat by Kidzlane

This large piano play-mat even has an LED light function which flashes as the child moves.

✅ Floor Piano With Animal Voices

This super fun play mat provides plenty of entertainment as it has a function that produces animal noises.

✅ Giant Piano Music Mat With 8 Musical Sounds

This floor piano keyboard comes with 8 different musical instrument sounds.

it is brightly colored and will be loved by all the children that play on it.

✅ 71″ Piano Keyboard With 24 Keys

This floor piano has really large and has an impressive 24 keys.

This also features 10 different musical instrument sounds like the clarinet and violin.

Also included are 10 songs together with a fun playback function.

I like the way this toy is designed with black and white keys that looks like a real piano.

✅Floor Piano Keyboard Musical Toy

This is a fun highly colored musical keyboard that is just asking to be played with.

I bet the adults around end up using it as well!!!

Because the keys a highly colored it will be easier for your kids to remember which keys to hit as they make their music.

✅ Large Colorful Keyboard Playmat

If you are looking for an big keyboard then this is the best choice for you.

What I like about this keyboard is there is enough space here for your kids to play together. Duets anyone!

✅ Musical Floor Piano Toy for Babies

Babies love making music too.

Your baby may only be crawling but they can make music as they crawl all over the keyboard.


It can be hard to think of ways of encouraging a child to be musical.

With these musical floor mats, you are helping the child to develop musical appreciation through play.

Happy shopping…

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