Best Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Review 2021

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Review

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Review

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition ReviewThis classic Banking and property acquisition game has been around since 1935 in various forms so whatever your age you are likely to know of it, even if you haven’t played it before.

The game I grew up with used Monopoly bank notes to carry out transactions but over the years Hasbro have tried updating the game to the ‘Modern Day’ by adding present day banking methods to the mix. The idea behind this was that it would speed up the game make it more contemporary and be more fun.

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Unfortunately, this hasn’t always worked out and previous editions that used electronic banking have actually ended up slowing the game down and making it less fun.

The Ultimate Banking Edition includes a new improved banking unit that has removed these previous issues to make a much faster and exciting game.

Who Would Love This Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Game?

The recommended age range suggested by the manufacturers for this Monopoly set is 8-15 years old. Personally we would say 8+ as this is a fun family game for the young or old and Mom, Dad and Grandad and Grandma would all enjoy this game.

Things We Like About Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition

The new updated banking unit keeps track of all transactions using a touch screen interface; all the property and chance cards have bar codes so you just scan the transaction. This makes for faster game play. It also does away with the banker and reduces the chance of players cheating…

There are also new cards called ‘Life Events’ that have been introduced to the game and replaced the previous Chance and Community Chest cards of old. These can cause property prices to change and other financial changes that change the course of the game. This is made possible with the new banking unit.

We also liked the fact that though they had changed a lot of the features of the game they still had a ‘Go to Jail’ card!

Things We Did Not Like About It

For those who grew up with the metal tokens and wads of cash to play with may find this game a little disappointing. But ultimately times have changed and Monopoly has had to keep up with modern technology to appeal to new players.

Is Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Worth The Money?

With the modern ATM style banking unit and bar coded cards we think this is really good value for money. It’s a great family game and the modern technology used and the contemporary style should appeal to teenagers that were put off by the previous old school editions.

Where Can I Buy Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition

Toy Shops, Board Game Shops and big online stores should stock this game.
Currently it is available at you can check here for the Price

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Monopoly has got it right with this bar code reading banking unit and the new 21st Century ‘life event’ cards. The previous electronic version ended up slowing the game down and ruining the dynamics. This is a faster version and a great game for all the family.

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