Best Logic Puzzle Games for Kids 2021

Logic Puzzle Games for Kids

I’m old enough to remember when the logic board game Mastermind first came out. My friend and I used to spend countless hours playing that game. It was strangely compelling for what appears on the face of it a simple game. To win at Mastermind you have to have the mind of a code breaker and work out the hidden colors, great fun and absorbing. Here are some other games that require a certain amount of logic to win the game.

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Rubix Cube Puzzles

I must admit I was always a bit hopeless when it came to solving the puzzle of a Rubix cube. That didn’t stop me spending countless hours trying to do it. Here are a number of puzzles that are similar to the traditional Rubix cube, that may be more of challenge, if you find that a normal Rubix cube puzzle is easy to solve. Take my nephew he can solve the traditional Rubix cube in under 5 minutes, and he can talk to you at the same time, now that is multi-tasking!

Lanlan 2 x 3 x 3 Pie-shape Round Column Speed Cube Black PuzzleLanlan 2 x 3 x 3 Pie-shape Round Column Speed Cube Black PuzzleBundle Pack Speed Cube Set of 3 Pyraminx Pyramid Speedcubing, Megaminx Magic Cube, Gold Mirror Cube Magic Twisty Puzzle, With Bonus Three Stands and Screwdriver Black Megaminx Magic Cube, Gold Mirror Cube Magic Twisty PuzzleRecent Toys Skewb XtremeCross Shaped Logic Puzzle Skewb XtremeShengshou Megaminx White Speed Cube PuzzleShengshou Megaminx White Speed Cube PuzzleShengshou Cube Puzzle, Speed Cube, the Best, BlackShengshou Cube Puzzle, Speed Cube, the Best, BlackYJ Fluctuation Angle Puzzle CubeYJ Fluctuation Angle Puzzle and Logic Cube


Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game Review

Logic and Speed Board GameThe Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game is a cool little brainteaser. It contains a kit of cute test tubes and colored balls. The idea of the game is to fill your test tube with the colored balls in the test tubes in the right order just using logic solving a puzzle based on a drawn card. The fastest to complete the task wins.

With this review, we’ll go over a few of my thoughts on this fun game, including the price, types of things to expect, likes and dislikes, and where it can be found! Whether you’re a fan of first-person shooters or online browser games, there is something for everyone in Dr. Eureka Speed Logic game!

Who Would Buy The Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game for?

On the package, the game states that it’s ideal for all ages, and I can agree with that! When played with a few kids with a lot of range in their ages, they caught on quickly, and though the puzzles can be tricky to solve, we all had a lot of fun.

It’s one of those things the kids love to pull out and play when we have guests just to see the adults struggle with the puzzle!

Brainteasers are something accessible to everyone, so the mixture of puzzles on the drawn cards can be used to create an endless amount of games to play for young and old players alike!

Things We Liked About The Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game

The game also says on the package that the game can be played alone, and it’s pretty easy to understand why when you understand the pretenses of the game. They are fun puzzles to solve when there is nothing to do, or if you want to have a quick little fix in order to kill time for some reason or another.

Things We Did Not Like About It

The only complaint we seem to have is the repetition, as it becomes a little difficult to play for extended periods of time or on concurrent days, mostly because once you’ve seen the cards and puzzles they have to offer, you’ve expended your options. A way to remedy that could always be to add more colors or even create your own puzzles!

Is The Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game Value for Money?

Absolutely! The game is extremely fun when there is time to play it, and regardless of skill level or interest in games, everyone can have fun when they play it. It’s a great investment for a rainy day or during visits to family and friends for a quick bout of entertainment.

Where Can I Buy The Dr. Eureka Speed Logic Game?

For brick and mortar stores, Toys R Us may be your best bet. Dr. Eureka is largely located online, so stores like may offer some of the best prices for you. Additionally, many stores offer an ordering service to order online and pick up in the store, so there is no wait!

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a wonderfully solid game that offers a lot to consumers. Puzzles can be a great way to keep your mind sharp, and it gives you the tools to create an even greater method of testing your wits!

Logic Puzzle Games for Kids


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