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best home recycling center ideas

If like me you love to recycle as much garbage as it is possible to do, you will be interested in these home recycling center ideas.

One of the greatest problems you can encounter with home recycling is getting the rest of the family on board. I actually get very cross when a piece of trash is discarded into the wrong bin, the family will learn one day I hope!

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Anyway, these ideas and solutions for storing recyclables will help others in your home to place the right material into the proper section.

✅ 3 Compartment Recycle Trash Can

These are a great idea for organizing the trash you want to recycle. They have three compartments so it only takes a moment to put the trash in the right section.

They even have handy pedals so you don’t have to wrangle a lid every time you use it.


 3 Compartment 12 Gallon/45 Litre Trash and Recycling Bin3 Compartment 12 Gallon/45 Litre Trash and Recycling Bin


✅ Dual Compartment Recycle Bin

 Large Dual Compartment Recycle Bin Soft CloseLarge Dual Compartment Recycle Bin Soft Close

✅ 3 Color-Coded Home Recycling Center Bins

 Color Coded Recycling Waste Storing Bin BagsColor Coded Recycling Waste Storing Bin Bags

✅ Touchless Motion Sensing Recycling Bin for the Kitchen

 Touchless Lid Opening Recycling BinTouchless Lid Opening Recycling Bin

✅ Recycling Kitchen Step Trash Can

 Stainless Steel Recycling Kitchen Trash CanStainless Steel Recycling Kitchen Trash Can

What Can you Recycle in the Kitchen?

Here Chef Duff takes us through the types of plastic commonly found in the kitchen that can be recycled.

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home recycling center ideas

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