15 Best Halloween Gifts for Boyfriend in 2021

Best Halloween Gifts for a Boyfriend

Here is my guide and inspirational ideas for Halloween gifts for boyfriends.

Boyfriends can be tricky to buy for so I hope you will be able to find something suitable here.

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Choose from a mug, shot glasses, Jon Snow costumes to socks, altogether something for everyone.

Skull Shot Glasses

These glasses are sure to go down a storm at any Halloween party.

Great for drinking games although mind the hangover!!!

 Set of 4 Skull Shot Glasses Party Gift IdeaSet of 4 Skull Shot Glasses Party Gift Idea


Scary Zombie Mug

The picture on this scary mug only shows when filled with hot liquid.

This is a great gift idea for a Halloween loving boyfriend.

 Scary Corpse Heat-sensitive Color Changing MugScary Corpse Heat-sensitive Color  Changing Mug


Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Mask

If we have to wear a mask then why not a Halloween themed one?

This mask has great artwork, nice and colorful yet somehow scary!!!

 Sugar Skull Day Of The Dead MaskSugar Skull Day Of The Dead Mask


Viking Style Skull Beer Mug

Here is a great beer lover’s boyfriend gift. It consists of a skull peeking through a Viking style outer pattern.

Very effective styling, I love the intricate artwork of the Viking age.

 Stainless Steel Viking Skull Beer MugStainless Steel Viking Skull Beer Mug


Halloween Socks

Here are a couple of pairs of socks that would make a great gift for a boyfriend during Halloween.

 Men’s Novelty Halloween SocksMen's Novelty Halloween Socks


Deadpool Costumes for Men

This is a great gift for a boyfriend that love the Deadpool movies.

Deadpool is a fictional character with an agenda. This mercenary’s outlook is always what’s best for himself – though he’s gathered a huge following because he’ll help either side and he’s not afraid to make enemies.

Deadpool is one of the most top rated Halloween costumes this year. You can find a pretty big selection of Halloween costumes dedicated to this character.

 Men’s Muscle Chest Deadpool CostumeMen's Muscle Chest Deadpool Costume


One of the most popular accessories is the knee-high shoe and boot covers. These add greater detail to the costume whichever variety you buy. The covers go across the top of the shoe while the knee-high portion has a zipper up the side, which makes the width a little easier to fit.

You can also get Deadpool’s weapons to add to the costume. If you get the kit, you’ll get a couple of ninja swords along with ninja knives. The set usually comes with a back sheath for carrying the weapons.

Avenger Superhero Costume

Superheroes have always ruled the day and they also rule the night – Halloween night that is. Avengers costumes are set to be all the rage this year. All through history, there has been a superhero of some kind that people could read about, admire and want to be like by wearing a costume that was similar.

The Avengers are a group of superheroes that have been around for almost 50 years now – and their popularity is still growing – especially since the release of the blockbuster movie The Avengers.

Each of the heroes portrayed in the movie are part of the team that fights evil and restores order to the world. The Avengers costumes for each of these fascinating heroes are always bestsellers.

 Mens Captain America Costume and MaskMens Captain America Costume and Mask Mens Avengers Hulk Costume and MaskMens Avengers Hulk Costume and Mask Men’s Avenger Superhero Thor CostumeMen's Avenger Superhero Thor Costume


One of the notable superheroes is Iron Man, played in the movie by Robert Downey Jr. The red and gold jumpsuit like the outfit he wore in the movie is available online and is very realistic.

Captain America is a big favorite among the Avengers’ team and his costume is the form fitting blue jumpsuit with the white star on the top center of the chest. The costume comes with the headpiece like the character wore in the movie, but the red boots, gloves and red and white striped shield with the star in the middle are all sold separately.

The Thor costume is a jumpsuit that comes with a red cape and the hammer isn’t included. But you can also get the version of this costume that comes with a sculpted muscle piece that has LED lights attached to the chest plate. It looks pretty awesome in the dark.

The Hulk costume from the Avengers is a jumpsuit that’s the perfect depiction of the Hulk’s green coloring. The suit has the muscled chest area as well as the large muscled arms. It also comes with a replica face mask.

X-Men Cosplay Costumes for Men

There are many fans of X-Men Apocalypse With all the stunning characters in the movie, there’s someone for every fan to copy.

Nightcrawler is one of the characters that fans want to dress up as. The focus is on black in his costume.

You can find this one featuring a lot of the faux leather look. It’s very form fitting and includes the raised color. Touches of gray do appear on the costume. One thing about Nightcrawler that stands out is the blue tint to his skin.

 Adult Marvel Universe Wolverine CostumeAdult Marvel Universe Wolverine Costume Nightcrawler Costume Suit Adult MenNightcrawler Costume Suit Adult Men


None of the costumes that you can buy feature skin paint, but you can make this addition to the costume yourself. If you want to have his hairstyle as shown in the movie, then you can buy the short hair wig. You can get the white gloves for his hands.

DC Superhero Costume

Fans of the Suicide Squad movie and superheroes will love the selection of costumes depicting characters from the film.

Why not go as a couples outfit with your boyfriend taking the part of the joker and you could be Harley Quin.

Villain fans will also find favorite characters such as the over-the-top evil baddie The Joker. Take on the job of trying to destroy the world on Halloween night.

Creature costumes from the movie characters are also available in the form of Croc – complete with scales – and many more. The Suicide Squad characters provide an incredible array of colorful and fun costumes from which you can choose.

 Men’s Suicide Squad Joker CostumeMen's Suicide Squad Joker Costume


Take your Halloween fun a step further by hosting a Suicide Squad party for your friends and neighbors. Young and old alike will enjoy dressing up as their favorite hero or villain and getting to play the part of their characters on their own terms.

Online, you’ll find Suicide Squad cupcake toppers, mini figurine flags and so much more to create a themed party that everyone will love. Masks, leggings, socks, makeup and other items are also available for you to create the ultimate Suicide Squad costume.

Men’s Assassin’s Creed Halloween Costume Ideas

The Assassin’s Creed video game series has spawned thousands of diehard fans. There’s always a high demand for these video games and each time a new one releases, new fans are created.

One of the popular ones is the Connor costume and you can stand strong against the Templars in one of these outfits.

 Assassin’s Creed Ezio Men’s CostumeAssassin's Creed Ezio Men's Costume


Based on the costume that’s shown in Assassin’s Creed III, some of them come with the same attention to detail. You can get the overly long jacket in white that has blue trim along the open front and a single blue stripe on the sides.

In some options, some people think that the jacket is a separate piece from the shirt because of the way that it’s designed, but it isn’t. It’s usually a one piece combination of jacket with a shirt that’s attached.

The shirts often have the iconic white hood that dips down low to cover the wearer’s face just like in the video game. The front of the jacket usually features buttons on the sides that are for decorative purposes only.

American Horror Twisty The Clown Costume

American Horror Story is a top rated show that focuses on different characters in various locations. The sinister episodes keep fans tuning in on the edge of their seats.

The creep factor continues in the costumes that you can choose based on characters from the show. Twisty the Clown is one of the well known characters who has the ability to strike fear in the heart of anyone who sees his face.

 Men’s American Horror Twisty The Clown CostumeMen's American Horror Twisty The Clown Costume Twisty the Clown Halloween MaskTwisty the Clown Halloween Mask


You can find some costumes based on his character that have the same attention grabbing, adrenaline pumping reaction as when he first appeared on screen.

Some of these costumes come with a latex mask that’s such a replica of his face, you’ll easily win the scariest costume at any Halloween party if there’s such a category.

Most of these costumes that have the masks feature his wild three tuffs of hair. Some fans think the two side tuffs are meant to resemble horns. With some choices, all you get is the mask for the costume, but with others, you do have the entire clown outfit included.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Costume

Will you be on the side of justice or choose the dark side of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? You can be whatever you choose, thanks to the wide array of costumes available online and ready to help you join the Force.

You’ll be part of the fight for justice within the vast galaxy. You only have to choose which side you want to be on – the Dark Side or the Rebel Alliance, who fights to keep the Old Republic values.

 Star Wars Kylo Ren Halloween CostumeStar Wars Kylo Ren Halloween  Costume Inflatable BB-8 Halloween Costume for MenInflatable BB-8 Halloween Costume for Men Stormtrooper White Costume for MenStormtrooper White Costume for Men


Star Wars costumes have been among the top favorite of Halloween lovers everywhere for decades. Ever since Darth Vader and R2D2 first graced the big screen, they’ve been copied over most of the world.

Today’s choices of costumes reflect the new screen characters such as Darth Vader as a boy and the Flametrooper Super Deluxe costume. You can even bring the dog on the Halloween outing by dressing him in the Ewok Dog Costume. He’ll steal the show.

Accessories are also available for other costumes in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens collection. Darth Vader gloves, Stormtrooper Blaster and the Rey Adult Eye Mask with Hood can spiff up any Star Wars costume you may already have or enhance a new one.

The timelessness of Star Wars continues as the battle for the universe is never fully won. The success of the movie is obvious in phrases from the movie we now use in our common vocabulary and the way it makes the imagination soar with all the possibilities involved with the battles and the characters.

World Of Warcraft Costume

The costumes based on the some of the characters from World of Warcraft will be the one of those must have Halloween costumes. One of the reasons is because of the complexity of the world and the multitude of players that can interact together on quests.

You’re going to find that there will be those who can aid you on your journey as well as those who will definitely be a roadblock to you getting what you want. Some of the characters you’ll discover will be loyal through thick and thin.

 Men’s Warcraft Lothar Muscle CostumeMen's Warcraft Lothar Muscle Costume


Others won’t be loyal or helpful and may even try to take your life. The popularity of the World of Warcraft continues year after year thanks in part because it has no shortage of heroes as well as villains.

The character Sargeras is one of the evil villains in World of Warcraft that fans have learned to watch out for and costumes for him will be in demand, too. If there’s a problem or something bad going down, you can bet he’s got a finger in the middle of that pie.

Illidan Stormrage is the character that’s a bit of a puzzle. Not only does he have a cool name, but he’s kind of hard to figure out just which part he’s for, the good or the bad because he’s done both. You might want to choose a costume of his.

Game of Thrones Outfits

Game of Thrones is a fantasy television show that continues to enthrall diehard fans as well as new ones. With edge of the seat scenes, uncertain betrayals and epic bloody battles, the show was destined to be a hit.

The popularity of the show is one of the reasons that costumes depicting the favorite heroes, heroines and even villains are among the most sought after this year for Halloween.

 Tyrion Lannister Halloween Costume for MenTyrion Lannister Halloween Costume for Men Jon Snow Cosplay Halloween OutfitJon Snow Cosplay Halloween Outfit


Funny character Tyrion Lannister is also among the top chosen characters when it comes to costumes. Fans appreciate his humor and wit. His costume consists of a long red or black tunic that’s trimmed in burgundy, black long sleeved shirt, black pants and boots.

The hand of the king pin that he wears on the front of his tunic is sold separately. For all the beloved characters on the show, however, there are many favorite villains. One of the most chilling is The Night’s King.

Just looking at him is sure to make you to shiver. His costume consists of icy armor but it’s the mask that will create the most chills. Done in the same icy white tones shown by the character in the show, the mask is a work of horror art.

Around the front and sides of the mask, the forehead and scalp are pulled into the pointy horns. The top of the mask, which fits over the entire face, has the cracked skull appearance. Most startling about the mask are the icy blue eyes.

Star Trek Costume

Star Trek is one of the shows and movie franchises that has spanned the decades, creating new fans every year. From the heroes to the villains, Star Trek features complex characters that you love to root for – or love to hate.

 Star Trek Gold Star Fleet UniformStar Trek Gold Star Fleet Uniform Star Trek Spock Wig With EarsStar Trek Spock Wig With Ears Men’s Star Trek Spock CostumeMen's Star Trek Spock Costume



Boyfriends can be difficult to buy so I hope my guide has been of some help to you! You know your boyfriend best but one tip is to ask his family or close friend what he like as a gift.

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