10 Best Halloween Gift Ideas for Toddlers 2021

Halloween gifts for Toddlers

Here is my guide to the best Halloween gifts for toddlers.

Maybe you are looking for a suitable gift that doesn’t involve heaps of candy? You will find some great suggestions here.

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Perfect gifts Halloween gifts from grandparents, aunts and uncles.

✅ Trick or Treat Pumpkin Shaped Candy Bags

These are one of those must have trick or treat accessories every toddler needs.

What I like about these tote bags is they are not too large for a toddler to carry. Also, the can be used year after year.

 Trick or Treat Bags for Kids Candy Reusable Pumpkin BagsTrick or Treat Bags for Kids Candy Reusable Pumpkin Bags


✅ Toddler Gift Monster Bowling Set

This is a fun that toddlers can play with all year round, not just Halloween.

Although these are monsters they all have friendly smiling faces so won’t give the toddler nightmares.

 Monster Plush 6-Pin Bowling Game Toddler Halloween Gift IdeaMonster Plush 6-Pin Bowling Game Toddler Halloween Gift Idea


✅ Squishy Halloween Toys for Toddlers

Here are some cute squishy toys any toddler will enjoy playing with.

The character are so cute and not too frightening for a small child.

I love the little pumpkin character so cute.

 Spooky Squishy Toys, Pumpkin, Zombie, Black Cat, Mummy, VampireSpooky Squishy Toys, Pumpkin, Zombie, Black Cat, Mummy, Vampire


✅ Pumpkin Bubble Blower Wand

Here is a way for children to make plenty of bubbles during parties and when out trick or treating.

The design includes a pumpkin that the bubbles are made from.

 Halloween Bubble Blower Wand for ToddlersHalloween Bubble Blower Wand for Toddlers


✅ Snow White Costumes Gift Ideas

Snow White is a great theme to follow for Halloween and little boys and girls will just love dressing up in these costumes.

These could be part of a whole family outfit with Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

 Snow White Toddler Classic CostumeSnow White Toddler Classic Costume Dopey Toddler Infant CostumeDopey Toddler Infant Costume Snow White Princess Halloween CostumeSnow White Princess Halloween Costume


✅ Little Charmers Costumes

If you’re the parent of a young child, then odds are high that you know the words to the Rainbow Sparkle Song from Little Charmers.

Kids love all of the sunny days and fun that abounds on the show. The sweetness of the characters Hazel, Posie and Lavender are the reasons why this Halloween, costumes featuring these adorable girls are on the hot list.

 Little Charmers Posie Child CostumeLittle Charmers Posie Child Costume Little Charmers Lavender Child CostumeLittle Charmers Lavender Child Costume Little Charmers Hazel Child CostumeLittle Charmers Hazel Child Costume


These costumes are considered to be the no-fuss ones because they all are easy on and easy off. In fact, your little one should be able to dress herself.

Not only will she love going out in the costume for Halloween, but the costume will become a loved part of her dress up playtime in the months to follow.

You can find some of the Little Charmers costumes that have the special designs just like the characters have on the show and some of these designs will glitter as well.

There’s a great attention to detail done with these different costumes. Some of them do offer more accessories along with the costume than other ones do.

You will find that some of the costumes will have things like flowers with them, while others will have headbands that have cute little bows on them just like the characters wear in the show.

You can find some of the costumes that also come with tights included as part of the purchase, but not all of them have this.

Your child will need to wear her own shoes with the costume, since these are not included in them.

✅ Secret Life of Pets Costumes

The Secret Life of Pets is a blockbuster movie smash that so far has earned over 100 million. The movie features an array of different pets in a tongue-in-cheek look at how animals see their human counterparts.

The movie resonated with adults, but especially with children and had plenty of laugh out loud moments and as well as plenty of animated characters to root for.

Any time a great movie is released, there’s always a demand for costumes based on the characters and this one is no exception.

 Child’s Dalmatian Costume for HalloweenChild's Dalmatian Costume for Halloween The Secret Life of Pets Universal Costume SmallThe Secret Life of Pets Universal Costume Small Gidget The Secret Life of Pets CostumeGidget The Secret Life of Pets Costume


Kids everywhere want to go out trick or treating on Halloween as one of the characters from the movie.

You can find costumes that focus on the individual characters and if you get a group of kids together, each one can choose to go as a different character from the movie.

Most of these costumes are made in a jumpsuit style and they’re done this way on purpose. When you’re looking for costumes for kids, because kids come in all different shapes and sizes, creating a one size fits all can be an issue.

But when you use a jumpsuit style, then you can get a better fit whether the child is tall or short, or is average weight or above.

Some of these costumes come with heads on them. These heads may or may not be attached – it all depends on which one of the costumes that you choose.

What parents like is that the headpieces that come with some of these costumes allow the child’s face to be clear of obstruction.

The ones that are attached pull on easily and the ones that are not attached fit snugly, but not too tightly – with a simple fastener.

✅ Paw Patrol Kid’s Costumes

Heroic rescue pups on Paw Patrol have captured the imagination of kids everywhere. They’re led by a boy named Ryder, who uses technology to help the dogs rescue and meet any emergency the town may have.

 Paw Patrol Marshall Toddler CostumePaw Patrol Marshall Toddler Costume Paw Patrol Skye Child Costume, SmallPaw Patrol Skye Child Costume, Small Paw Patrol Chase Child Costume, SmallPaw Patrol Chase Child Costume, Small


Each of the rescue pups (Marshall, Chase, Rocky, Skye, Zuma and Rubble) has their own special skills and all types of gadgets that help them along. Kids love to emulate their heroes and meet imaginary challenges too – especially if they’re dressed just like their heroes.

Toddlers especially love to watch their heroes in action, and Halloween is a good day to let the imagination run wild with costumes and gadgets that will make them fit the part.

The Paw Patrol Marshall Deluxe Toddler costume is adorable with its Dalmatian-spotted jumpsuit and fireman’s helmet.

 Characters from Paw Patrol Halloween Party MasksCharacters from Paw Patrol Halloween Party Masks


Little girls will love the frilliness of the pink Skye costume with its sparkly tulle and pink collar. There’s an attached tail and an aviator goggle headband with ears attached that transforms her into a cockapoo – just like the character Skye.

There are also tons of accessories for the Paw Patrol costumes. A Pup Pack with wings is perfect for any little girl to flex her own wings and become a hero. Any toddler boy will love to be Marshall, the German Shepherd, on Halloween night and many days after.

The Marshall costume comes complete with hat, ears, jumpsuit and backpack. Other Paw Patrol costumes include Rubble, the English Bulldog, who can fix broken trains. Rubble’s costume includes a jumpsuit, headpiece and accessory kit with everything he needs to save the people on the train.

You could even style your entire family in theme costumes or choose individual costumes from their favorite shows or games.

✅ Kids Halloween Temporary Tattoos

I know kids will end up in a lot of mess with these tattoos! But they are going to have plenty of fun sticking these temporary tattoos everywhere.

The set includes all kinds of Halloween themed stickers, including pumpkins, witches, vampires and skeletons.

 Halloween Temporary Tattoos for KidsHalloween Temporary Tattoos for Kids


✅ Best Finding Dory and Nemo Costumes add pictures from Pinterest

Based on the millions that viewed the movie upon release, Finding Dory is a much-loved children’s movie that follows up on the original Finding Nemo story. Kids everywhere rooted for Dory to find her parents.

 Finding Dory Costume for ToddlersFinding Dory Costume for Toddlers Nemo infant Costume, OrangeNemo infant Costume, Orange Blue Toddler Finding Dory CostumeBlue Toddler Finding Dory Costume


The love of the character as well as the theme touched hearts everywhere and created a must-have drive for costumes featuring the characters in the movie. The most sought after costume from the movie is Dory herself.

This forgetful little blue tang fish makes a lovely costume for children. You can find some that are made of a beautiful blue dress with the wide-eyed fish character featured front and center in the middle of the costume to make your child’s night special.

One dress comes with a black petticoat that’s made as part of the costume so it doesn’t detach. This polyester material costume has the whimsical tail attached to the back of the dress.

To complete the fins just like the character has, these costumes come with arm warmers that include yellow fins attached to them. The arm warmers are done in the same color as the dress.

The headband piece that features the large bow often comes with the outfit. Also included in your purchase are a pair of tights that have bubbles on the material. Your child will adorable in this costume. Shoes don’t come as part of the costume.

Of course, one of the other popular costumes in Finding Dory is the much-loved character of Nemo. These costumes aren’t going to stay on the shelf long thanks to the sheer number of kids clamoring for them.

You can get a version of this lovable clownfish for your child, but you’ll want to do it fast. This costume is a tunic that comes down to just below the child’s waist. It’s done in an orange color and features a white stripe in the center of the tunic as well as at the hem and the collar.

The top and bottom of the white stripe is lined with a black stripe to mimic the clownfish markings. This tunic doesn’t hang shapeless – thanks to the stuffing that’s designed to help it keep its form.

It does have the fins with the tunic and those are not detachable. The costume has both side fins as well as a back one. The hood of this tunic is attached and has the facial features of Nemo.

My Favorite Finding Nemo Pictures

Link to Image HERE

Image Source

Picture Source

Picture Source


I hope I have helped you to find the perfect gift for a toddler or young child. It’s great that there are many non scary option for Halloween.

I would be nice if a child’s first memories of Halloween are not of the scary kind. That can come later when they are older.

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