15 Best Halloween Gift Ideas for Kids in 2021

best Halloween gifts for kids

Here is my guide to the best Halloween gift ideas for children.

These gifts don’t include candy as there is plenty of that around during Halloween.

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I’ve included gifts that Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends can buy for the children int their life.

Light Up Skeleton Gloves

These are great fun, put them on and switch on the light it it look like you have an x-ray of your hands.

Very effective yet super scary…

 Light Up Skeleton Gloves Halloween Gifts for ChildrenLight Up Skeleton Gloves Halloween Gifts for Children


Halloween Rock Painting Toy

There are some great ideas here to keep children amused during the holidays.

This kit contains plenty of creative ideas for painting scary pictures onto rocks.

 Halloween Rock Painting Kit Childrens ToyHalloween Rock Painting Kit Childrens Toy


Bean Bag Halloween Party Game

If you are invovled with a Childs party this year then consider gifting this fun game.

Throw the pumpkin themed beanbags through the holes to earn points.

Fun for all the family and this would go down well during a party.

 4 Bean Bag Toss Halloween-Themed Party Game4 Bean Bag Toss Halloween-Themed Party Game


Halloween Coloring In Book

For children that like art how about a Halloween themed coloring in book paired together with a set of pens?

 Childrens Halloween Coloring BookChildrens Halloween Coloring Book Crayola Pip Squeaks Washable Markers SetCrayola Pip Squeaks Washable Markers Set


Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes are all the rage this Halloween – just as they’ve been for many Halloweens before.

The characters – named for their Renaissance artist ancestors – all wear various colors so you can tell them apart right away.

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael CostumeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Costume Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo CostumeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Costume Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello CostumeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello Costume Teenage Mutant Turtles Michelangelo CostumeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Costume


Michelangelo (Mickey) costumes for kids are super cute and loving. The childs version is a green jumpsuit with knee pads and attached elbows. There’s also a green hat and mask of bright orange, with bright turtle eyes.

Shoe covers are also part of the Michelangelo costume package – and the best part is the stuffed turtle protection shell in back and soft felt front with an attached belt to make sure it stays on.

Leonardo (Leo) is another beloved Ninja turtle and his color is blue. The kids’ costume for Leo comes in the form of a jumpsuit with Velcro closures on the side and faux turtle hands and feet which are attached to the jumpsuit.

Leo’s turtle shell is padded as are the belt, knee and arm bands. There’s also an attached hood with Leo’s face that will set your child apart from all the other Ninjas. Your child will love Halloween and playtime as he morphs into his favorite reptile hero.

Donatello (Donnie) is another favorite among kids and wears a distinctive Ninja costume consisting of a green jumpsuit adorned with a brown shell for the chest and attached elbow, knee pads and covers for shoes. You’ll also get a green hat and purple Donatello mask.

And then there’s Raphael (Raph), the Sai Sword wielding Ninja Turtle who’s always ready for a fight. His costume is a green jumpsuit with a foam belt, belly, shoe covers and wrist cuffs which also comes with knee and elbow pads.

Ninja Turtles have captured the imagination of kids everywhere and their costumes are fun and colorful. Your child will love wearing one on Halloween night or on days when his Ninja personality comes out and he’s ready for a battle.

Disney Princess Outfits

If you have a young girl that loves to dress up as a Princess then these costumes will please. Choose from Cinderella, Elsa and Anna from Frozen, and Snow White.

 Cinderella Dress Princess Costume Halloween Party DressCinderella Dress Princess Costume Halloween Party Dress Girls Princess Dress up Costume with Tiara and WandGirls Princess Dress up Costume with Tiara and Wand Lit Princess Dress Costume Elsa Dresses for HalloweenLit Princess Dress Costume Elsa Dresses for Halloween


Princess Merida is no ordinary princess. She’s not a girl who sits in an ivory tower and waits for whatever life hands her. Instead, she’s strong and brave and determined to take control of her own life and live it the way she wants to rather than by what’s expected of her.

For this reason, the princess is a heroine that girls of all ages love to dress up as – and with the Merida costume, they can have a replica of the clothes worn by the beloved princess.

 Medieval Princess Dress Up CostumeMedieval Princess Dress Up Costume


You’ll be able to find many authentic costume sets that tie in directly with the movie or you can find the costume and buy each piece separately. So if you’ve already found the perfect princess shoes or tiara, then you can just pick up the dress.

If you want to find a pair of sandals that look just like the ones worn in the movie, though, your best bet is to find a pair that’s licensed by the franchise – because those will be replicated right down to the smallest detail.

The sandals that Merida wore in the movie were super cute. With the gold medallions on the front of the sandals that look like the old Roman lace-ups, you can complete any Princess Merida outfit.

If you do decide that you want to use online shopping to order the dress the princess wore, you should know that the colors of the dresses will vary. So if you want to find the dress like the one the princess wore in the movie, make sure that you look for one that’s a brilliant blue color.

The bottom of the dress will be full because like the one in the movie, it will come with material under the top layer so that it can stand out. Of course, if you want the costume be as authentic as possible, you’ll also want to make sure that you get the bow and arrow set that the Princess used to take control of her own destiny. You can find the bow and arrow set complete with two arrows, but if you want a carry tube, you’ll have to get that separately.

Finally, to finish off the costume, you’ll want to get the accessories right. You’ll need to make sure that your child has hair the same color and style of the Princess. In the movie, her hair was a cascade of wild, curly red tresses and you can get that same look for your child’s hair by buying the wig that looks just like the hair the Princess has.

Children’s Pokemon Costumes

Pokemon is a game that has captured – not only the hearts of kids, but of adults as well. So it’s no wonder that it’s one of the top-rated costumes that kids are clamoring to have. The costumes associated with the Pokemon characters are colorful and comfortable, making them a parent favorite.

 Pokemon Eevee Costume for KidsPokemon Eevee Costume for Kids Pikachu Pokemon Classic CostumePikachu Pokemon Classic Costume Pokemon Kids Squirtle Blue OutfitPokemon Kids Squirtle Blue Outfit


If your child wants to dress as Pikachu, but isn’t interested in wearing a complete bodysuit, you can purchase a separate hoodie that has the headpiece attached as a hood along with the tail.

If your little girl might like to dress up as Evee. This costume is a brown, long sleeved dress with a netting overlay on the skirt portion. The color has the faux fur and the face hood is attached. The back of the dress has the attached tail.

The Pokemon Squirtle costume is also available. This one features the soft blue like the character in the game and has the yellow front shell. The back of the costume contains the brown shell part. There is a cap with the character eyes on it that is not attached to the costume.

Alice Costumes

The movie “Through the Looking Glass” created a demand for some of the characters that were in the movie. Based on an adaptation from the original Alice in Wonderland, the movie featured a more gothic twist that resonated with fans.

 Mad Hatter Alice CostumeMad Hatter Alice Costume Wonderland Princess Child Costume – TweenWonderland Princess Child Costume - Tween Alice Through The Looking Glass Movie AsianAlice Through The Looking Glass Movie Asian


Costumes for all the characters are already being sought. You’ll be able to find plenty of different costumes based on the characters such as Alice. You can find these costumes for both kids and adults alike.

Though there are plenty of lovable characters in the movie, a fan favorite has always been Alice. You can dress as the Mad Hatter if you like – or one of the others, but Alice is going to be one of the top ten in demand Halloween costumes this year.

Some of them do feature a completely different look than you would have seen in the original Alice in Wonderland costume, which was the light blue dress and the white apron.

That was the Alice costume of years ago. This new one has a little more pizzazz and a lot more color than that older one did. You can find some of these costumes that are two pieces with one piece being a brightly colored, multi-design shirt.

Some of the ones that come with the separate shirt pieces like this also have a pair of striped pants that balloon out at the end. Other costumes along the same line have a lot of extras such as tassels or screen art.

Still, others will feature piping and yokes for the top that you can take off. You can also find some that have the design made into the material of the shirt so that you get the same overall look but without all the pieces as separates.

You might find some of the costumes that feature high collars on the shirt while others don’t. Make sure you choose the Through the Looking Glass costume that’s not too snug because your child will want to be able to fit it for months to come.

Many of the costumes will be made of a very soft, shiny material that is cool enough to be worn even during summer time play long after Halloween has faded away.

But it’s durable enough to last as well. You can find some of these costumes that will come with accessories on the side such as the collar but some of them won’t have that.

Ghostbusters Outfits

If you loved the Ghostbuster movies, then you will just love dressing up as your favorite characters for that movie. You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd on Halloween night when you don the costume of the loveable Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man inflatable costume. The adult men’s costume is packaged with an inflatable jumpsuit with its own battery operated fan so you can stay calm and cool.

 Ghostbusters Child’s Costume, MediumGhostbusters Child's Costume, Medium Child’s Ghostbusters Feed Me Slimer CostumeChild's Ghostbusters Feed Me Slimer Costume Ghostbuster Girls Costume, MediumGhostbuster Girls Costume, Medium


Kids can also become a part of the Ghostbuster fun with costumes of the Slimer, the Ghostbuster Eliminator or the adorable baby costume that’s a smaller version of the Marshmallow Man.

The Slimer costume for children is an inflatable green jumpsuit that also includes sleeves, gloves and headpiece and a fun, but effective, battery-operated fan to keep him cool as he reins fear over the Halloween trick-or-treaters.

Fighting ghosts is also an option with the official tan-colored Investigator/Eliminator costume which features an inflatable proton backpack and jumpsuit. You can also purchase the footwear separately to complete the outfit.

Yo Kia Watch Costumes

You may have to pull your kids away from the fun video games of Yo-kai Watch. The characters are adorable and the game is fun and mind-expanding. The story of Nate is one that captures the imagination of young children and encourages them to emulate their hero.

 Costume Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Child’s CostumeCostume Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Child's Costume Costume Yo-Kai Watch Robonyan Child’s CostumeCostume Yo-Kai Watch Robonyan Child's Costume Costume Yo-Kai Watch Whisper Child’s CostumeCostume Yo-Kai Watch Whisper Child's Costume Costume Yo-Kai Watch Blazion Child’s CostumeCostume Yo-Kai Watch Blazion Child's Costume


The characters are fun and the costumes are too. Your child may choose to play the role of Nate, the main hero, who wears an embroidered shirt which is hand-sewn. The shirt and a pair of jeans or shorts is all your child needs to feel like Nate.

But, don’t forget the powerful watch that helps Nate see the mischievous Yo Kai. The watch looks like the real Yo Kai Watch Model Zero and has the most up-to-date technology.

When your child inserts one of the Yo Kai medals (due on the market in 2017), he’ll see an animated (projected) Yo Kai on the surface of something like a wall. Many of the animations play music and you can hear the character say his name and some even play a tribe song.

Some days, nothing goes right, but when your child becomes a Yo Kai character, he can help to change the world – or at least his own surroundings. Other Yo Kai character costumes include the Blazion Hooded Jumpsuit and the Jibanyan Hooded Jumpsuit.

Robonyan sometimes steals the show in his bright blue hooded jumpsuit and you won’t have any trouble picking your child out in a crowd on Halloween night in the pure white Whisper jumpsuit.

A Yo Kai Watch party could be the ultimate in Halloween fun for your child. There are many accessories, games and other fun items online so you can follow the theme of this fun children’s game.

When Yo Kai Watch came on the market, it immediately captured the imagination of children around the world. With its dances, shenanigans and animated figures, it’s an easy and fun game for small children to follow and learn some good life lessons.

Shopkins Outfits

In the tiny world of Shopkins, everything is highly detailed, colorful and fun to collect. Some of the best Halloween costumes can be found in the Shopkins collection, including Cupcake Queen, Strawberry Kiss and Cheeky Chocolate.

 Lippy Lips Classic ShopkinsLippy Lips Classic Shopkins Shopkins Strawberry Classic CostumeShopkins Strawberry Classic Costume Apple Blossom Classic ShopkinsApple Blossom Classic Shopkins


Your child won’t just wear the Shopkins costume for Halloween, but for many days after for creative playtimes and experiences. You can even have a Shopkins party for their friends and let them trade or collect those Shopkins they may not have.

Just like the tiny Shopkins versions, the costumes are adorned to look very special with glittery and sparkling finishing touches. Your child can look exactly like her favorite Shopkins friends.

The Cupcake Queen is satin and tulle (yellow and blue) with all the finishing touches of a sweet cupcake. It also comes with a topping headpiece. Cheeky Chocolate may be her favorite and this costume features glittery art, a tulle tutu-type skirt and a fun chocolate headpiece.

Kookie Cookie Shopkins is also a wise choice for Halloween or dress-up. It is also made of tulle and satin, with a kookie little headpiece to top it off. The Shopkins Apple Blossom costume is a favorite with its bright green tulle and satin dress with bows and a cute headpiece.

Strawberry Kiss is another Shopkins favorite. It’s as red and ripe as a strawberry and trimmed with white and green. If your child might be the sassy type, the Shopkins Lippy Lips costume is made for her.

Lippy Lips loves to gossip and shop. She sports a lipstick hat and glittery skirt – perfect for the Shopkins Runway Show. And, that’s just a smattering of the glamorous and fun Shopkins costumes you’ll find online for Halloween or play times.

PJ Masks Costume Ideas

When it’s time to find just the right costume for your child on Halloween, you can’t go wrong by checking out some of the PJ Masks costumes. These costumes come in a large selection so you’re sure to find something for each child.

 Gekko Chgildrens PJ Masks CostumeGekko Childrens PJ Masks Costume Owlette Child PJ Masks CostumeOwlette Child PJ Masks Costume Catboy Childrens PJ Masks CostumeCatboy Childre PJ Masks Costume


Many of these costumes are easy to wear jumpsuits that are perfect for your children. The popularity of these costumes is thanks to the show featuring Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette on Disney Junior programming.

These well-loved characters are on the top of every kids wish list. You can find each of these costumes to mimic the different animals as shown on the show. These costumes allow your child’s imagination to take flight as he dresses up.

You can find some that have the cat features on the mask and even include tails on the bodysuits. Your children will love the costume so much, he won’t want to take if off. The good news is that these costumes can be worn by boys or girls.

These costumes come in an array of designs and many of them have capes that are done in a selection of colors. These capes are all high quality and long lasting. Even once Halloween is over with, your child will still enjoy playing dress up and pretending to be a superhero while wearing the costume.

Because these costumes are for children, there’s not a lot of fuss getting them in and out of the capes. You can simply use the velcro fastener to keep them on over your child’s clothes.

When he wants to take the cape off, you can easily remove it. The masks that come with these costumes are as easy to get on and off as the capes are.

What kids love about them is that they’re decorative and are made to look like the animals the costume portrays.

Lego Ninja Character Costumes

Ninja costumes are always popular at Halloween and throughout the year as playtime favorites. The Lego Ninjago line of sets put another spin on costumes with its cast in the latest Lego Ninjago movie.

 Jay Ninjago Lego CostumeJay Ninjago Lego Costume Kai Ninjago Lego CostumeKai Ninjago Lego Costume Lloyd Lego Halloween CostumeLloyd Lego Halloween Costume


If you’re a fan of Ninja, you may want to check out costumes such as Lloyd the Green Ninja and Master Wu. Lloyd the Green Ninja child’s costume are really cool and fun with all LEGO markings and pants that sport molded muscles.

There are feet and an elastic waistband for easy fit. Mask and gloves are also included. Another fun character is Master Wu, the wise and funny Ninja who wears a spectacular flowing robe with a faux leather tunic.

You can get the Chinese martial arts master wig and also the long white beard, sold separately. Dress incognito with the Disguise Lloyd Prestige Ninjago Lego costume and face the showdown of ninjas who must band together to realize their ultimate powers.

Ninja costumes have been the choice of children for many years. The Lego Ninja series and movie have piqued a new generation of Ninja lovers and costumes are now available for just about buy every Ninja character you can think of.

And don’t forget the Ninja dragons. Dragons were the ancient fighting animals of the Ninjas and each Ninja had his or her own, which they named with various powerful names such as Titanium Dragon and MechDragon.

Your child will have fun playing imaginary games dressed in his or her Ninja costume and riding his dragon to save the world. Whether dressed as a Samurai warrior or one of the main Ninjas such as Kai – the Master of Fire, Cole – the Master of Earth, Jay – the Master of Lightning, or even Zane – the Master of Ice, children love to dress up like all the Ninja characters.

There must be a villain in the mix, and the evil Lord Garmadon, leader of the skeleton army, is a formidable foe. Garmadon also has costumes for any little Ninja who wants to play the role of villain.

Your little one will wear his Ninja costume on Halloween night and many days ahead as his imagination takes over and he becomes a real, dragon riding, sword wielding Ninja warrior.

Unicorn Party Outfits

Here are some great Halloween gift ideas for children that love unicorns.

 Girls Unicorn Costume Princess Party DressGirls Unicorn Costume Princess Party Dress Inflatable Costume Unicorn Riding a UnicornInflatable Costume Unicorn Riding a Unicorn Girl Unicorn Halloween Party Dress CostumeGirl Unicorn Halloween Party Dress Costume


Minion Costumes

These Minion costumes are a hit every year with children that loved the Despicable Me movies.

 Costume Despicable Me for ChildrenCostume Despicable Me for Children Despicable Me 2 Girls Minion CostumeDespicable Me 2 Girls Minion Costume Children’s Minion Kevin CostumeChildren's Minion Kevin Costume



I hope you have been able to find the perfect gift for Halloween this year.

I have purposely listed none candy gifts as I always feel there is just too much candy around and children certainly don’t need anymore!

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