10 Best Adult Gifts for Penguin Lovers 2021

Here is my top 10 gifts for penguin lovers.

If you know someone that loves and is fanatical about penguins here is a selection of gifts that will be appreciated by them.

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Penguins are just so cute as they lend themselves to all kinds of products. Choose one of these as a fabulous gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, etc.

✅ Adorable Hand Drawn Art Penguin Pillow Case

I discovered this adorable hand drawn penguin pillow case gift idea.

It features a cute pair of penguins in a snowy landscape. The artwork is very evocative of the Antarctic.

The pillow case would make a great gift for a home owner that loves penguins.

My favorite part of the artwork in this product is the way the two penguins seem to be looking at you.

 Cute Hand Drawn Throw Pillow CoverCute Hand Drawn Throw Pillow Cover


✅ Baby Chicks Huddled Together Penguin Blanket

I was thrilled when I saw this cozy throw, I loved that it is a picture of baby penguins all together in a colony.

I could see this making a great gift for a penguin lover that likes to snuggle down on the sofa while watching Netflix.

✅ Charming Leather Keychain Budget Gift Idea

This is an adorable leather keychain that is in the shape of a penguin.

The design of this keyring is achieved by using 3 different colors of leather that have been stitched together to form an effective penguin design.

I could see this making a great budget gift for a friend or family member that loves penguins.

✅ Blue and White Penguin Scarf, Wrap or Shawl.

This is a large voile blue and white scarf that has cute penguins printed on it.

I could see this making a great gift for anyone, you certainly don’t have to love penguins to enjoy wearing this scarf.

This product also comes rose and white.

✅ Penguin Shaped Travel Mug

This is a travel mug that is designed to keep your coffee hot or cold drinks cold.

There is a nifty design on the lid that means you can access the drink lid with a push-button.

What I love about this travel mug is the quirky modern design that would just make me smile every time I used it.

✅ Cute Penguin Monopoly Board Game

I came across this cute penguin monopoly board game. I know it looks childish but adults love this too!

It has a lot of similarities with the original game but of course, everything is just 10x cuter.

I could see this making a great gift for a person that loves to play board games, and is in a family that loves to try out new games.

It is meant to be for children but I believe adults will love playing this with their children.

What I love about this game is that you can learn about penguins as you play.

✅ Penguin Pendant and Earring Jewelry Set

The penguins in this set are mainly black but they have crystal rhinestones set into the white areas of the body.

Great jewelry gift for a person that loves penguins.

✅ Adult Penguin Coloring Book

Here is a lovely coloring book that is filled with lovely pieces of penguin artwork that is ready to be colored in.

Pair this with a set of adult coloring pencils to make a great gift for a penguin fancier.

✅ Realistic King Penguin Candle

Here is a king penguin together with their chick. It is so realistic and looks just like those documentaries you see about the penguins in the antarctic.

This is the type of gift that would be suited to most occasions from birthdays to retirement.

✅ Modern Art Penguin Mug

Although the artwork is of a modern design the pictures are still clearly penguins.

If you are looking for a more realistic mug design you can see a large selection of penguin mugs HERE.


Finding the perfect penguin-themed gift can be hard, but I hope my gift selection has offered you some great ideas.

Good luck finding the perfect penguin gift.

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