*Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy VX Review 2017

Final Fantasy is a franchise that has been steadily producing massive role playing video games ever since its first game came out in 1987 on the NES. Every iteration of Final Fantasy is a new world with new characters and sometimes familiar enemies.

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Arguably the most popular game in the series, Final Fantasy VII, is considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time, so it’s no surprise that the latest iteration, Final Fantasy XV, is a best seller on Amazon.

What is the Aim of Final Fantasy XV?

The player takes control of the Crown Prince Noctis, and as you set out with your three friends to get to your wedding, the neighboring Nilfheim Empire invades. Noctis has to fight back against the imperial invasion and reclaim his home.

However, in order to achieve this goal, Noctis must work with his friends to get stronger. To get stronger, Noctis must level up by fighting enemies, completing quests and side missions, and progressing in the story.

The formula for this installation has been changed up a bit from previous titles. Most notably, the world is much more open, and can be explored on foot, on a Chocobo, or in a car.

What is Different about Final Fantasy XV?

Now, the game plays much more like its spin off series, Kingdom Hearts. This means that instead of a turn based RPG style, you have full control of movement and attacks. Previously, you had to use a menu to select what attacks to use or what magical spells to cast.

Now, you have buttons on the controller bound to “Attack,” “Magic,” “Items,” and “Defend.” The way magic works is another new change in the Final Fantasy system. Previously, you would have characters who would just learn spells that they found or bought.

These could be used in lieu of attacks if your character was physically weak, and would act like normal attacks. Now, magic is separated into two categories – elemental and ring magic.

Elemental is further divided into three sub categories: fire, ice, and thunder. The elemental magic is taken in flasks and can be used in a few ways. One way is to craft magic bombs that will damage enemies.

The other way is to combine the magic with items to grant them special effects to give you an edge in battle. Ring magic can be used to summon monsters to help your team, such as Titan, Leviathan, Ramuh, and Carbuncle.

Final Fantasy VX is Available on the Following Platforms

Final Fantasy XV is available on the PS4 and Xbox One, which is unusual because the series typically only releases on Sony platforms. The Day One Edition includes the Masamune sword DLC.

Final Fantasy is Available in the Following Special Editions

The Day One Edition includes the Masamune sword DLC. The Deluxe edition includes a steel cover with exclusive artwork, two DLC costumes for Noctis and the car, the Masamune DLC, and Kingsglaive, the Final Fantasy XV movie on Blu-ray.

What Ages is Final Fantasy XV Suitable for?

The final fantasy video game comes with a teen rating so is considered suitable for ages of 13 and over.


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