Dog Tag Necklaces for Kids

dog tag necklaces for kids

Children’s dog tag necklaces that make great gifts from a Mom to a daughter or son. Ideas for children’s id tags for Disney travel. Medical alert necklace for children that have nut allergies. Here is a selection of adorable dog tag necklaces especially made for kids.

I love the pendants for either a boy or a girl that come with the child’s initial. Dog tags can hold useful information like important contact numbers, allergy and medical condition information. Even Disney makes a child’s dog tag that features Mickey Mouse.

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 Disney Mickey Mouse Lit NecklaceDisney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Light-Up Dog Tag Necklace to My Son Kids Jewelry Dog Tag Pendant Necklace from Dadto My Son Kids Child Birthday Gift Jewelry Dog Tag Pendant Necklace from Dad Engraved Tag Necklace To my daughter from MomNOVLOVE To my daughter from mom Stainless Steel Dog Tag Letters To my daughter never forget mom Pendant Necklace,Inspirational Gifts For daughter Jewelry Children’s Medical Alert Nut Allergy Children’s NecklaceAllerMates Kids Medical Alert Nut Allergy Children's Necklace Letters Alphabet Dog Tag Style Stainless SteelSJ SHI JUN Initial 26 Letters Alphabet Pendant Stainless Steel Rectangle Necklace 24'' (H)

dog tag necklaces for kids

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