Best DIY Minion Halloween Costumes 2020

DIY Minions Hallowen Costume

The Minions are those wonderfully naughty yet cute characters from the movie Despicable Me! This film is a great hit with both adults and kids alike. Here are some great ideas for homemade Minion Costumes that will be perfect for Halloween this year.

How to Make a Minions Costume out of Foam

This is an amazingly detailed tutorial that shows you how easy it is to make wonderful costumes for your kids from a child’s foam mattress. So effective and unbelievably cute.

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If you simply can’t face the idea of making a costume yourself here are a couple of costume ideas that you can buy that won’t break the bank.

Minions Kevin Child Halloween CostumeMinions Kevin Child Halloween CostumeMinions Kevin Child Halloween Costume


Child's Minion Stuart Inflatable CostumeChild’s Minion Stuart Inflatable CostumeChild's Minion Stuart Inflatable Costume


Homemade Minion Halloween Costumes for Adults

Dressing up as Minions is a great choice for an adult Despicable Me fan. It may be that you already have some of the items hidden away in your closet, for example, a yellow T-shirt or a pair of black boots. This can then be added to items you can make or buy, to make a fabulous outfit you can wear at Halloween.

If you simply can’t bear the thought of making a costume or you have left everything to the last moment. Here are a couple of ideas I have found for complete adult Minion outfits you can buy.

UHC Women's Despicable Me Movie Theme Lady Minion Outfit Halloween Fancy Costume, L (12-14)Despicable Me Movie Lady Minion Outfit Halloween CostumeUHC Women's Despicable Me Movie Theme Lady Minion Outfit Halloween Fancy Costume, L (12-14)


Men's Despicable Me Minion Dave Outfit Movie Theme CostumeMen’s Despicable Me Minion Dave Outfit Movie Theme CostumeMen's Despicable Me Minion Dave Outfit Movie Theme Costume


How to make Minions Googles at Home Tutorial

One of the most distinctive parts of the Minion characters is their wacky looking sets of goggles. I have found a wonderful tutorial that shows you have to easily make a homemade set of minion goggles at home.

Here are a couple of ideas that you can buy, first of all, a set of adjustable googles. For a younger child, I have found a great hat that might be more comfortable. This has a print of the yellow top of a Minions head with the iconic goggles printed on it, very effective.

Minions Official Movie Basic GogglesMinions Official Movie Basic GogglesMinions Official Movie Basic Goggles


Soft Despicable Me Minion Hat with GooglesSoft Despicable Me Minion Hat with GooglesSoft Despicable Me Minion Hat with Googles


For many toddlers, Halloween is a time of adventure as they’ve reached the age where they’re old enough to understand the concept. You want to find the perfect costume for your child.

Some of the categories for costumes are what’s called evergreen, which means that they never go out of style. These would be costumes like witches, wizards, dragons, superheroes and princesses.

Those are always popular choices. However, one of the most popular costumes this year is the Despicable Me Minion Dave Costume. Thanks to the blockbuster appeal of the movie, the minions became beloved characters in millions of households by both children and their parents.

This officially licensed minion costume features the characteristics of the character Dave. The romper is a once piece blue and yellow ensemble. It has velcro fasteners for easy in and out access. There is elastic at the bottom of the romper legs so that you get a snug fit.

The headpiece features Dave’s big eyes along with the goggles. The goggles are soft and plushy and are attached to the headpiece, so they can’t be worn as goggles. The outfit is 100% polyester and has to be hand washed.

There are also costumes that are available featuring some of the other characters from the movie. The Despicable Me – Deluxe Agnes Toddler Child Costume will allow your child to dress up like Agnes who was one of the three little girls under Gru’s care.

This costume is a pair of overalls. The material is a soft blue color and is lightweight. Large red buttons are at the top of the romper and there is also a pocket on the front. The striped yellow and brown T-shirt is also part of the costume.

There is also a black wig that comes with the outfit that features the hair pulled straight up in the air just like Agnes wore in the movie. A red band keeps the wig hair up straight. The socks and shoes do not come as part of the costume so you’ll need to provide those separately. The clothing is 100% polyester and must be hand washed.

The Despicable Me 2 Minion Dave Costume for toddlers comes in small or medium. This one is made of soft foam so it’s very comfortable. The costume is easy to dress in and easy to take off.

The stitching on the costume is solid so it’ll last for more than a Halloween or two. There’s plenty of room under the costume to dress your toddler in warm clothes in case the weather is cold.

The front of the Dave costume features a printed design of Dave’s face along with the top portion of his overalls. This costume is a lot wider than some of the other minion costumes so you’ll need to take that into consideration if your child will have to sit in a car seat. You’ll end up having to take the costume off until you reach the destination.

Wishing you the best of luck with your Minions Costume for Halloween this year.

DIY Minions Hallowen Costume

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