Best Budget Christmas Toys for Dogs for 2021

best christmas gifts for dogs

Here is a great selection of budget Christmas toys for dogs. If you own a dog I just know that you won’t be able to resist buying your pet a lovely present for Christmas.

We keep Westies and they just love ripping opening their presents on Christmas morning.

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I believe that we get more pleasure watching the dogs opening their presents than we do opening our own presents. Here are my favorite doggy Christmas presents.

You know resistance is futile!!!

Splash Sprinkler Gift for a Water Loving Dog

This is a great product for a water-loving dog. I could see this in the garden during the summer, the kids can join in too!!

 Splash Sprinkler Pad for Water Loving DogsSplash Sprinkler Pad for Water Loving Dogs

Dog Treat Dispensing  Machine

Your dog will love this, it dispenses treat regularly to keep them occupied when they have been left on their own. Helps to prevent separation anxiety.

 Treat Tossing for Dogs that are Home Alone with CameraTreat Tossing for Dogs that are Home Alone with Camera

Christmas Stocking Gift Ideas for Small Dogs

Every dog loves to have a Christmas stocking. In this stocking, we find a selection of chew and squeaky toys.

 Christmas Stocking for Small DogChristmas Stocking for a Small Dog

Healthy Bacon Flavored Powder Treats for Dogs

We all know feeding human food to dogs is bad for them. with this product you don’t have to worry, it is a healthy treat your dog will love.

Just add water to the powder and put place the freezer until the ice cream is frozen.

 Bacon Flavoured Ice Cream Mix Healthy Treat For DogsBacon Flavoured Ice Cream Mix Healthy Treat For Dogs

Terrier Dog Accessories

As a terrier lover do you wonder about what does my dog wants for Christmas? Ideas for westie dog accessories include Scottish clan dog collars, West Highland white terrier coats and tartan toys.

My Westies just love receiving presents and dressing up for Christmas day. Here are my top 5 favorite gifts that any Westie dog is going to love. I have to confess that Westies do prefer the toys over more practical presents of coats and collars.

 White and Tartan Dog Toy GiftGrriggles Yuletide Tartan Moose Pet Toy, White Tartan Westie Dog LeashThe Artful Canine Scottish Plaid Dog Leash, 5 Ft Long, 5/8 Stewart Tartan Dog CollarThe Artful Canine Scottish Plaid Dog Collar, Royal Stewart Tartan, Medium Dogs, 22-35 lbs (Collar: 3/4 Grey and Plaid Dog Toy GiftGrriggles Polyester Merry Medleys Dog Toy, 12-Inch, Mouse Plaid Coat for a Westie DogMuddy Paws Highland Tartan Coat Red Medium


best christmas gifts for dogs

gifts for westie dogs

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