Top Christmas Gifts for Gamers: Cool Video Game Shirts

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Gamers for the nerds in your life

Video games are wildly popular these days, bringing in new customers every single year without fail.

There are a few different main systems that people use to play them, and each one has a wide selection of games as well as accessories and gadgets that improve the overall experience.

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With this many products, you’re sure to find a great gift for anyone in your life who enjoys their share of video games.

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Funny Gamer Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This T-Shirt is just the kind of present a gamer would love. It is not only practical but will give everyone a good laugh on Christmas day when the gift is unwrapped.

 Funny Christmas Gift for GamersFunny Christmas Gift for Gamers


Game Console with Games

The first, more obvious choice, assuming that they don’t already have it, would be a gaming console and a few games to go along with it.

The primary consoles that are out right now are the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Each of these have their own unique options in them, with some exclusive games and some shared games for each.

Consoles can be a bit pricey, but you’ll likely find a good deal. Second, they certainly need a game to go along with the console.

Some games are more popular than others, and some games are exclusive to their own consoles.

 Legend of Zelda Red Cotton T-ShirtLegend of Zelda Red Cotton T-Shirt


Nintendo Switch Games

For example, many of the games available on the Nintendo Switch are exclusive to the Switch, though you can also get games there that you could find on other platforms.

Do some shopping and figure out what genre your gamer likes, and get something popular in that same genre.

Almost all platforms have some form of online service that allows you to connect with other players in multiplayer games, along with a few other perks. For some games, this is essentially required.

 Gamer Big Girls Super Mario Group Shot Multi Colored T ShirtGamer Big Girls Super Mario Group Shot Multi Colored T Shirt


Gaming Cards for Extended Play

These online services aren’t always free, though. One useful gift option is to get them a little card with an access code that gives them more extended time using that online platform, saving them the hassle – and the cost.

 Funny Gamer T Shirt Black Cotton “My Perfect Day”Funny Gamer T Shirt Black Cotton


Gaming Controller Gift Idea

Surprisingly, controllers are often a much needed part of console gaming. While systems always come with one or two controllers themselves, for any other local multiplayer, you need to get your own.

Also, some controllers wear out over time, making them unresponsive or functioning poorly.

Some new, updated controllers are always a welcome gift for gamers. Finally, convenient travel cases are often in high demand.

People like to share their fun with friends, and will often take their systems with them to other locations so that they can all enjoy some fun together. Specially designed cases can help ensure that their console fits well and has enough room for any accessories or games they might need.

 Gaming Controller with Joystick and Vibration TurboGaming Contoller with Joystick and Vibration Turbo

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