Best Ceiling Fan Makeover Ideas for 2021

Ceiling fan makeover ideas and hacks

Have you ever wished that you knew how do a ceiling fan makeover?

Here are some inspirational ideas for anyone looking to update an old ugly and outdated ceiling fan.

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If you have an ugly ceiling fan it is tempting to just buy a new one, however, the fan makeover projects featured here are cheap and easy to do.

Most of these projects are budget friendly as most of the work is in taking down the fan refurbishing and replacing the fan unit.

How to Update your Ceiling Fan

This is a clever brass ceiling fan makeover project where the end result is amazing.

This looks quick and easy to do. A high level of skill would not be need to achieve a good result.

Salvage Sister and Mister

Farmhouse Ceiling Fan Makeover

This makeover project involves chalk paint and wax to give a distressed farmhouse look to the ceiling fan blades.

Very effective and quick and easy to do. Although she took the whole ceiling fan unit down. I think I would try to just remove the blades.

Home Talk

Paint Fan Blades in Bright Jazzy Colors

Wow how amazing and effective painting fan blades can be!

The fan blades have been painted in bold geometric patterns or stripes.

Dimples and Tangles

Ceiling Fan Update DIY

Although the end result of this ceiling fan update was great, she made a mistakes.

She left the ceiling fan in situ and as she sprayed the fan the whole room got covered in a fine mist of paint!!!

Nanis Notebook

Shabby Chic Ceiling Fan Makeover Using Chalk Paints

Here is a more detailed tutorial on how to achieve a shabby chic farmhouse ceiling fan.

I like that she goes into a lot of detail in the waxing process.

Ceiling Fan Makeover on a Budget

This an example of a frugal ceiling fan makeover that only cost $6.

It’s quite amazing how clever some people can be when updating their homes on a tight budget.

Get Rich Slowly

How to Update an Ugly Ceiling Fan With Paint

Here we are taken through the process of turning an ugly fan into something beautiful using paint.

As the author says why get rid of a perfectly good fan when you can upcycle it.

I like the ways she says the fan can almost disappear, into the ceiling, if you choose the right colors.

Pretty Handy Girl

Old Ugly Ceiling Fan Makeover

In this post we are shown how to update an ugly old ceiling fan.

It’s quite a transformation as even the shape of the blades have been changed.

Changing the glass light covers has certainly made a difference as well.

Saw Dust 2 Stitches

Ceiling Fan Light Makeover Using Spray Paint

Here is a way to update ceiling fan light covers using spray paint.

I’ll be quite honest I didn’t realise that you could successfully paint glass, but what do I know!!!

Decor to Adore

Fan Blade Update Date With Spray Paint and Stencils

Here is an easy fan blade makeover using stencils and spray paint.

The result is certainly stunning. I should imagine buying something similar from a store would be very expensive.

Design Sponge


I hope you have found the information you were looking for in this post.

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