Mercury Glass Christmas Decorations and Ornaments for 2021

Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Mercury Glass Christmas Decorations: here are some of my favorite mercury glass decorations and ornaments that you could use to add a bit of sparkle and pizzazz to your holiday home decor this year.

I love the look of the sets of three mercury glass tree decorations, these come with a light inside and will look fantastic on a fireplace (for example).

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I love to put mercury glass decorations on my tree I’m fascinated by the way the light shines off the baubles from the Christmas tree lights, this looks particularly effective when the room lights are low.

 Red Vintage Style Glass Tree OrnamentsRed Vintage Style Glass Tree Ornaments Small Silver Glass Christmas Tree DecorationsSmall Silver Glass Christmas Tree Decorations Glass Drop Ornament 3 Sets of 4 Glass Drop Ornament 3 Sets of 4 (12 Ornaments) Embossed Mercury Glass Ornamental GarlandEmbossed Mercury Glass Ornamental Garland Silver Tree Ornament  Vintage Style Silver Tree Ornament and Decoration Vintage Style Ornaments, Silver Mercury Glass Golden Lit TreeMercury Glass Golden Lit Tree

Looking at the selection above I think my favorite decoration here is the drop-shaped mercury glass ornament ornaments that come in a pack of 12.

A very lovely color that would look great paired with my green Christmas tree.

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Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

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Pale Blue Mercury Glass Christmas Tree Decoration

Mercury Glass Peach Bauble

Mercury Glass Bird Christmas Ornament

Set of 3 Green Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments Mercury Glass

mercury glass christmas decorations and ornaments

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