*Best Handheld Salad Choppers for Lettuce, Onions, Tomatoes and Fruit

hand held salad choppers

Best handheld salad choppers for quick and easy salad preparation. best handheld salad choppers

These handy gadgets make preparing fruits and vegetables for salad so easy. Choose from scissors, choppers or slice and dicers.

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Also, there is an interesting new product that produces long “noodles” from vegetables like carrots and zucchini, these are often known as zoodles.

I  also love the scissor salad makers. These would be great to use away for the home for example while camping.

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Examples of Fruit and Vegetable Platters and Displays

I have found these wonderful platters that would be perfect to make, for your next party. The handheld salad choppers featured above will be very useful for chopping and preparing fruits and vegetables in bulk.

Owl Fruit Platter for a Party

Salad and Fruit Choppers

This is such a cute fruit platter in the shape of an owl. Various chopped fruits make u the body of the owl. Two round bowls filled with dips make the owl eyes. So effective and would look great at any party buffet.

Picture source.

Luxuriant Cheese and Vegetable Platter Display

Hand Held Salad Choppers

I saw this beautiful example of a sumptuous cheese platter with plenty of salad vegetables. In this picture, I can see the chef has paired whole cheeses with crackers, bread sticks, dips and plenty of crudites. This would make a great centerpiece for a buffet. I love the idea of hollowing out cabbages to hold the dips.

Picture source.

Vegetable Platter in the Shape of a Poodle

Fruit and Vegetable Choppers

I love this display of fresh vegetables in the shape of a poodle. The poodle is made from raw cauliflower with black olives for eyes and the nose. Around the are chopped vegetables artfully arranged. Very effective.

Picture source.

Thanksgiving Turkey Display Made from Fruit

chopping fruit and vegetables

What a great idea for a Thanksgiving buffet. With a bit a patience you could easily make this yourself, using halved grapes, blueberries and a pear.
Picture source.

Beautiful Display of Crudites

Chopped Salad Vegetable Display

I love this display of crudites. The whole display has been arranged beautifully. This would make the perfect centerpiece for a buffet.

Picture source.


As you can see it is amazing what displays of food can be achieved by chopping up and arranging various fruits and vegetables.
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