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Battlefield 1 Video Game Review

Battlefield is a big name franchise in the first person shooter industry, being Call of Duty’s main competition. This time, Battlefield decided to try something different. Instead of having another futuristic shooter, they decided to go way back to the First World War with Battlefield 1. This was a risky move, but Battlefield 1 has been very well received.

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Features of the New Battlefield 1 Game

This iteration of Battlefield is full of new weapons, features, and is a must-have for any FPS fans. As Battlefield is famous for, this game also has destructible terrain.

For example, an airship that has been blown out of the sky and crashed can be used as cover or hidden inside of. If you know that the enemy is hiding behind a wall or in a building, you can get artillery to take it out, leaving them exposed.

You can even destroy parts of the land. For example, if someone is running across a land bridge made of rock, it can be shot or bombed to make it collapse out from under their feet, making no place truly safe.

The vehicles play a major role in Battlefield 1. There are tons of new vehicles to use, including three tanks, an array of light vehicles and planes, bombers, artillery, even horses.

The big new addition to the vehicles, however, are the three Behemoth vehicles. They include the L30 Airship, which is a massive Zeppelin, the Armored Train, which is a nearly unstoppable train loaded with guns and armor, and the Dreadnought, the massive boat that can be used to bombard the land.

When your team gets ahold of these vehicles, the opponent is in for a bad time. There have been a few gameplay changes from previous Battlefield titles. One change is the size of the multiplayer matches.

These huge maps can house many more players, so you can now have up to 64 players, 32 on each team, going head to head in combat. The new weapons also change the way you have to play.

Similar to the real life battles in WW1, gas is used heavily in Battlefield 1. Gas forces soldiers to put on their gas masks which makes them have restricted vision and only be able to fire their weapons from the hip. If they don’t put on their gas masks, they won’t last very long.

What Platforms are Battlefield 1 Available In?

Battlefield 1 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For Xbox One and PS4, there are four editions that you can choose from.

First is the standard edition, which includes the base game and nothing else. Second is the deluxe edition, which includes the Red Barron pack, Lawrence of Arabia pack, 5 Battlepacks, and new skins for each of the behemoth vehicles.

Then you have the Collector’s Edition Standard and Collector’s Edition Deluxe. The only difference between the two is the same difference between the Standard and Deluxe edition of the non-Collector versions.

However, the Collector’s Editions both have a 14 inch statue, exclusive steel book, cloth propaganda poster, deck of playing cards, Velcro patch, and a messenger pigeon tube with an exclusive DLC code inside.

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Battlefield 1 Video Game Review

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