20 Best 60th Birthday Party Ideas for Men: Supplies and Decorations

60th Birthday Party Ideas, Decorations and Supplies

Here are my 20 best 60th birthday party ideas for men to help you organize a wonderful celebration for a person that is dear to you.

The function could be for a Dad, Grandpa, Brother, Uncle, or close friend. It doesn’t matter all of the products featured here will help you to organize a party that will be enjoyed by everyone.

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Your party is sure to be talked about for years to come.

✅60th Birthday Party Welcome Signs

What a wonderful welcome to a party this would be.

Display this prominently outside the venue so no will get lost and miss the party.

✅Entrance Banner Decorations for a 60th Birthday Party

This is a lovely black and gold party banner that is just perfect for a man’s birthday party.

This gives a cheery welcome as guests enter the party room.

✅ Birthday Party Invitations

These 60th birthday party invitations can be personalized to meet your needs.

Plenty of room to add the name of the birthday boy together with information on the venue location.

✅60th Birthday Party Table Decorations

This is a bright and cheerful table centerpiece that is sure to brighten up the table in the party room.

I like the way the stars and sixties drop down in a fountain style pattern, very effective.

✅Colorful Birthday Party Hat Idea

The person celebrating needs a hat so he stands out from the crowd.

Here is a lovely bright blue hat with a large number sixty prominently displayed, that will fit the bill.

✅”Old Person” Birthday Party Gag Gifts

For a sixtieth birthday it is quite usual for the old age jokes to abound.

Here is a great gag gift for the “old person” to wear.

✅60th Birthday Party Banners and Decoration Pack

Here is a nice set of party decorations in gold, silver, and black that would be ideal as room decorations.

Party decoration packs like this are good value for money as they contain multiple items. These would cost a great deal more bought separately.

✅Birthday Party Balloons

Here is some examples of the kinds of balloons that would help you to decorate the party venue.

They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

✅Blow Outs and Noise Maker Horns

Scatter these across the tops of the tables, and you can be assured of a lot of noise and laughter.

This is essential to create a fun atmosphere for the party, think of them as breaking the ice.

✅60th Birthday Party Plates and Party Pack.

Here is a useful kit that provides all the plates cups and tablecloth for a great party.

It even has a banner for the wall and knives and forks. A very useful set indeed.

✅60th Birthday Party Backdrop Ideas

Back drops make a great setting for photographs.

It can also be paced behind the table of the guest of honor.

✅60th Birthday Party Plates and Napkins Combo

This is a useful combo of birthday party essentials, of plates and napkins.

They all have a very bright cheerful black, white and gold pattern.

✅60th Birthday Party Favors

At the end of the party it is nice to give the guests a gift to remember the party by.

For the men there can coolers, while for the ladies there are wrappers that can slip over chocolate candy bars.

✅60th Birthday Party Favor Box Ideas

Here is a lovely box that is designed to place your party favors in for your guests to take home.

Most people include a slice of cake and a memento of some kind.

✅60th Birthday Party Decorations Kit

This kit contains a great selection of party balloons in gold, silver, white and black together with a “Happy Birthday” banner.

A great “starter kit” for decorating the party room and venue.

✅Sixtieth Party Bottle Opener Keepsakes

Here we have another keepsake idea for the guests at the party to take away with them.

✅60th Birthday Party Kits for Room Decoration

This is a huge balloon, pom pom, and banner collection.

With these colors and styles, you are sure to make the party room look wonderful.

✅60th Birthday Party Table Confetti Decorations

Sprinkle this colorful confetti liberally all over the tables. Close up your guests will see each one is in the shape of a sixty.

This is such a fun thing to do.

✅Party Black and Gold Balloon Set with Confetti

Inside the transparent balloons in this set is a handful of gold confetti.

This is really effective when paired with gold and black balloons.

✅60th Birthday Party Wine Labels

Such good fun to have special sixtieth birthday wine labels.

A great way to personlize the party.


I very much hope you have found this post useful.

As you make plans for creating a memorable celebration I hope you are able to make it a wonderful party that will be appreciated by all.

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