60th Birthday Party Ideas for Women: Decorations and Supplies

Here is a selection of the best 60th birthday party ideas for women. Ideal for anyone organizing a party for a Mom, Grandma, Sister, Wife, or Female Friend.

Here you will find plenty of ideas for any celebration to go with a swing.

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60th Birthday Party Welcome Signs

These banners are designed to hang either side of a door.

They would look great inside the party room or alternatively the outside entrance door.

I love the pink and rose gold colors used in the design.

60th Birthday Party Table Decorations

Here are some very pretty table centerpieces that are made up of sweet balloons.

They are a combination of transparent balloons that contain round-shaped confetti and solid gold balloons.

When the kits are made up they provide a lovely decoration that will add to the party atmosphere in the room.

Pink and Black Party Banner and Decor Items

This kit contains a selection of different party supplies, including a banner “Cheers to 60 Years”, pom-poms and hanging swirls.

They come in a coordinating set of pinks and black.

It’s nice to have a unifying color theme to the party and this decorating kit will help you achieve that.

Rose Gold Birthday Party Balloon Selection

With this set, all you need to do is blow the balloons up this helium and you have a large number of party decorations.

This includes two balloons that say “60” and a set of balloons that spells out “Happy Birthday”.

I love the rose gold theme of this party set.

60th Birthday Party Backdrop Idea

Party backdrops make a great addition to the decor in the party venue.

it provides a wonderful place to take photographs throughout the party.

It can also be used to highlight the table the “Birthday Girl” is sitting on.

Budget Party Plates and Napkins Set

Here is a great set that consists of party plates, silverware (plastic) napkins and cups.

If you are going for a rose gold or pink theme this set would be a must to buy as it just contains so many pieces.

60th Birthday Party Room Decorations Bumper Collection

This is a large collections of decrations that will help you to decorate the party room.

It even includes items for a photo-booth, a 60th cake topper, and a “Birthday Queen” sash.

A great bargain as it just contains so many great party decorating pieces.

60th Birthday Party Tiara and Sash Combo

Here are some ideas you could buy to decorate the guest of honor with.

It includes a cute tiara together with a pair of comedy specs and a black sash.

These items will look great in photographs.

Gold Table Confetti

Table confetti is a must at any party.

This is a lovely set of gold sparkly 60’s that would add color to the party tables.

Black and Gold Table Centerpieces

Here are a selection of different styles Happy Sixtieth Birthday items.

They are made from cardboard and are easily made up into effective table pieces.


I hope that you were able to find the party supplies you were looking for.

I wish you well as you organize the birthday party everyone will love.

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60th party ideas for women

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