10 Best 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

60th birthday gift ideas for mom

Here are my best 60th birthday gift ideas for Mom.

A 60th birthday is a huge milestone in a person’s life. To celebrate try to come up with a thoughtful gift your mother will just love.

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Here is a selection of my top 10 gifts that would be perfect as 60th birthday gifts.

Ceramic Angel Figurine 60th Birthday Gift Idea

Here is a pretty figurine that is designed to celebrate a 60th birthday.

If your Mom loves angels this would be the perfect gift for her.

Birthday Charm Bracelet for Mom

Here is fabulous at sixty charm bracelet gift idea for Mom.

It comes with 4 separate charms, including a little birthday cake and a glass of red wine.

Vintage Retro Candy Gift Selection

Take you Mom back to her childhood with this nostalgic retro candy selection.

Plenty of references to the 1960’s here. Some of the candies are still available today but others are not.

Stemless Wine Glass 60th Birthday

If your Mom enjoys a drink of wine this is a lovely gift that would be appreciated.

Engraved on the front of the glass are the words “Aged to Perfection”.

Chocolate Selection Gift Bundle

This is a luxurious and decadent selection of chocolate boxes.

This is the perfect gift for a Mom that really loves the taste of good chocolate.

6 Decades Commemoration Necklace

This 60th birthday gift for mom consists of 6 rings intertwined set as a necklace.

The six rings as said to represent the 6 decades Mom has lived.

A lovely gift from a daughter to Mom.

Sixties Nostalgia Jigsaw Puzzle

This 1,000 piece jigsaw has all kinds of wonderful images from the the 1960’s

Perfect as a nostalgia gift for a Mom that loves puzzles.

Interesting images include Woodstock Festival, Psycho and Flower Power.

Bath Set Pink Blossom Gift Basket

This is a gorgeous set of spa day bath and body products.

They have the smell of cherry blossom and jasmine, so relaxing. it is pretty enough to display well in the bathroom.

Funny 60th Birthday Coffee Mug Gift Idea

Here is a small gift item that could be part of a number of gifts for Mom.

It’s a funny coffee mug that has the lines “It took 60 years to become this perfect”

Pink Birthday T-Shirt

Here is a pretty bright pink ladies T-Shirt that has the year 1960 in roman numerals.

Underneath the appropriate saying Vendi Vidi Vici {I came, I saw, I Conquered}.


I very much hope that you have found this selection of gifts useful.

I hope you were able to find the perfect gift for your mother.

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best top 10 birthday gift ideas for mom

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