10 Best 60th Birthday Gift Baskets for Men and Women

Here is my selection of the 10 best 60th birthday gift baskets for men and women

If you are having trouble thinking of a suitable gift for anyone 60th birthday then consider a lovely gift basket selection.

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There are gift baskets that are suitable for both men and women included in this list.

Gourmet Cookie Selection

This cookie gift selection would work as a 60th birthday gift for either a man or a woman that loves cookies.

It comes in a very smart looking red box.

Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

This delicious selection of chocolate-covered candies is just perfect to give as a birthday present for a sixty-year-old.

The set contains all kinds of delicious treats like, chocolate truffles.

It come in a nice presentation basket as well.

Fishermans Gift Basket

In this fisherman gift basket you will find a large selection of different items a fisherman is going to love.

Including a fishing mug, a fishing storybook , trail mix, cookies and much more…

Retro Candy Gift Selection

This 60th birthday gift selection box contains a wide variety of retro candies.

The type of candies we remember as children. Including, candy cigarettes, dots and smarties.

Gourmet Food Gift Basket Idea

This basket would make a great 60th birthday gift for a person that loves food.

You will find inside this basket a variety of unusual snacks, olives, and cookies.

Italian Foods Gift Basket Idea

This is a large luxurious gift basket that is made up of delicious gourmet foods from Italy.

It contains many different foods including, Italian cheese, olive oil, pesto, and prosciutto di parma.

The whole selection comes beautifully packaged.

Huge Gift Basket Filled with Snacks

Here is a super bumper snack selection that would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to snack.

It contains a huge range of both savory and sweet snacks.

Mans Grooming Kit Gift Selection

Here is a selection of men’s facial products that will leave their face with a clean shave and glowing skin.

I comes in a nicely packed masculine style box with shredded paper packaging.

Great 60th birthday gift for a man.

Woman’s Lemon Scented Bath Set

This gift basket contains everything a woman needs for bathing. It has a lovely lemon citrus scent.

All the product bottles have a lovely design with beautiful pictures of lemons.

Golfers Gift Basket

This gift basket contains golf balls, a divot tool, golf tees, snacks, and much more.

This is the perfect gift for a golf nut.


I very much hope that you were able to find the perfect 60th birthday gift basket.

I’m sure it will be deeply appreciated by the recipient.

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