10 Best 1950s Kitchen Decor and Accessories

1950s kitchen decor and accessories

Here is my guide to 1950s kitchen decor and accessories that you will love if you are into retro and vintage decor.

The design features of fifties accessories usually feature bright colors like red and aqua. The designs are usually rounded shapes in block colors.

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Below is my selection of my favorite 1950s pieces for the kitchen.

Red Retro Style Kitchen Clock

This clock really has the look of a 1950’s. it is going to look great in a retro style kitchen.

I like that the red is bright and clear, so will certainly make a statement to your kitchen decor.

“Eat Here” Diner Style Kitchen Wall Sign

This is a decorative tin sign that harks back to the 1950s and the iconic diners that were around in those days.

This is going to make a great decorative element to your vintage style kitchen.

Aqua Retro Style Electric Kettle

I love the color of this old fashioned style electric kettle. It is sure to look great on anyone’s kitchen countertop.

Bright Colored Kitchen Dish Towels

Cute farm animal pictures adorn this retro style set of dish towels.

These are going to not only look good in your retro kitchen they are practical too.

Fifties Style Salt and Pepper Shakers

These shakers have been made in a gorgeous shade of aqua that was so popular in the 1950s.

I like that they have a clear “S” and “P” on the lid, so no confusion about which one is the salt or pepper.

Vintage Kitchen Mason Jar Canister Set

I would love a set of these in my kitchen, they are just so handy to have on the counter top.

Red Diner Style Counter Stool and Steps

This has a design that goes back to old fifties diners.

Its practical too as a set of steps can be pulled out so you can reach up to those inaccessible places in your kitchen..

Red Fifties Style Kitchen Timer

We all need a good timer in our kitchen to prevent are baking from burning!

Here is a timer that you will be happy to leave out on show in the kitchen.

Coca Cola Tin Kitchen Wall Sign

I wish these items were just just 15 cents now!

I love this fifties sign that features both a bottle of coca cola and hot dogs.

Glass Straw Holder and Dispenser

This a useful and attractive drink straw dispenser, that is going to look great on a table in a fifties themed kitchen.

What to Look for When Choosing 1950s Decor Items for your Kitchen

If you want your kitchen to stand out and be unique, you may wish to invest in fifties kitchen accessories.

By merging the styles of the past with the functionality and materials of the present, you can create a unique atmosphere in your kitchen.

However, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind when you are working toward a retro design.

First, 1950s kitchen accessories tend to look best when used in a fifties styled kitchen. A rustic or Italian styled kitchen will not look good with retro kitchen accessories, for example.

As many fifties decor items and accessories are reminiscent of the fifties or sixties, the old-style elegance of rustic kitchens will look strange at best when merged with retro accessories.

When you are selecting your retro kitchen accessories, you will need to make a few decisions. First, do you want your accessories to be authentic or modern made in retro style?

There are many antiques that are available that are suitable as kitchen accessories, ranging from serving dishes, jars and shakers to pots and pans.

However, many people do not like purchasing used accessories. When you decide whether or not you want antique accessories, you will need to determine how often you would use the accessories or if they just display pieces.

If you do purchase antique accessories, do not be surprised if you have to pay more for them. The older or more rare the accessory, the more a collector or seller will charge you for them.

There are many imitation retro kitchen accessories available for significantly less. However, these imitations are typically made of cheaper materials and will not be suitable for antique resale later.

If you are on a tight budget, it is possible to acquire a lot of retro kitchen accessories for a low price.

Used kitchen accessories, ranging from pots and pans to serving dishes, can significantly lower the amount of money that you need to invest in your kitchen.

This can let you pick out the best accessories for your kitchen without having to pay the staggering prices of brand new kitchen accessories.


There are plenty of brand new retro kitchen accessories available.

If you take your time and consider all of your options, you will be able to make the best choice for your home and your budget.

I hope this guide to fifties kitchen decor and accessories was useful to you.

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1950s kitchen decor and accessories

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