Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas

shabby chic kitchen ideasI’m in love with the shabby chic look.

This style looks great in the kitchen.

You can add a mixture of contemporary, vintage and hand made items in the kitchen to give an eclectic slightly worn look.

#1 Vintage Shabby Chic Canister Set Kitchen Storage Canisters Decorative Containers E10 Retro Red Enamel with Shabby Antique Rose
Vintage Shabby Chic Canister Set ~ Kitchen Storage Canisters ~ Decorative Containers E10~ Retro Red Enamel with Shabby Antique Rose

#2 Creative Co-op Shabby Cottage Chic Tin Utensil Silverware Caddy
Creative Co-op Shabby Cottage Chic Tin Utensil Silverware Caddy

#3 Creative Co-op Cottage Chic Metal Salt and Pepper Shaker Caddy with Glass Shaker 7.5-Inch
Creative Co-op Cottage Chic Metal Salt and Pepper Shaker Caddy with Glass Shaker 7.5-Inch

#4 Creative Co-op Farm Life Coffee/Tea Bin 16-Inch Distressed White Wood
Creative Co-op Farm Life Coffee/Tea Bin 16-Inch Distressed White Wood

#5 Set of Three Shabby Cottage Chic Wire Baskets
Set of Three Shabby Cottage Chic Wire Baskets

Shabby Chic style was first developed in Britain in the 1980’s. The overall look is of a kind of faded elegance. Often thickly layered painted furniture is rubbed down to reveal the layers below mimicking the kind of antique furniture found in French Flea Markets. This form of decorating is called distressing.

Generally the decor is pale off white with pastel chintz or stripped fabrics with wooden flooring and simple rugs. The Shabby Chic style is great for the kitchen as you can combine the old with new, new items can be distressed to fit in with the overall style. These days there are many lovely examples of gorgeous shabby chic products that are brand new, but are made to look old and slightly worn.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Shabby Chic Kitchen Accessories

I’ve been searching through Amazon looking at products that could be considered in the category of Shabby Chic Kitchen Accessories. Blimey when it comes to kitchen accessories we are really spoilt for choice. I’ve found every kind of storage receptacle in the shabby chic style you can imagine of from egg baskets to bread boxes. I particularly find anything made from enamel aesthetically pleasing for the kitchen. An advantage with enamel products is if they become chipped then all the better to achieve that shabby chic look.

Shabby Chic Window Treatments

My top tip for getting the shabby chic look for window treatments, is choosing quality fabrics made from natural fibres like cotton or linen.

Old vintage curtains in pale colors in plain, stripes or subtle florals would suit the scheme best, but if you can’t find these there are plenty of options available on the market. I really like the cutwork cotton curtains pictured below..

Another option would be to buy fabrics by the yard and either make the curtains up yourself or find a person who can do this for you.

Shabby Chic Information

Plus some interesting facts…

The first citing of the name “Shabby Chic” was made in a UK magazine called “The World of Interiors” during the 1980?s.

The Shabby Chic look became popular in the USA during the 1990?s and is still a very popular decoration style to the day.

With shabby chic style you are looking for quality pieces of furniture that have a faded look, it should be effortless elegance with nothing looking new and nothing matching.

One of the the most important proponents of the shabby chic style is Rachel Ashwell who has written at least 6 popular books on the subject. She also has a line of shabby chic products.

Fabric and wall colors to choose are pale creams, beige and off whites, with pale pinks, blues or turquoise.

Fabrics to choose should be cottons, linens and pure wools, try to avoid synthetic fabrics.

For flooring treatments old wooden floorboards look best with this style.

Old wooden items like tables or picture frames, can easily be given a new lease of life by being painted and distressed. I have included a couple of videos on the page which gives instructions on how to distress furniture.

Shabby Chic Picture Frame Ideas

In the following video some hints and tips on how to shabby chic a mirror frame. She also goes on to explain that once the frame is restyled, she is successful selling the mirror on-line.
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Vintage Style Kitchen Cannisters

When I searched on-line for Shabby Chic Kitchen Canisters I was over the moon with the lovely selection there is available these days. From sets of canisters with animal themes like roosters to enamel sets.

I was so pleased to find the wooden distressed style three compartment set, although not strictly a canister does the job of holding the tea, coffee and sugar.

What Shabby Chic is not!!!!

Sorry to sound bossy here but I often find items for sale or craft projects that describe themselves as shabby chic. Only to find they just not following the basic rules!!!

So the following in my opinion is just not shabby chic style…

Twee distressed Victorian pieces…
Items embellished with fussy lacy ribbons, plastic beads and flowers.
Anything made with synthetic fabrics.
Lace made from synthetic yarn…

Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

The Shabby Chic Home by Rachel AshwellThe Shabby Chic Home by Rachel Ashwell

Here is a great book by Rachel Ashwell the Queen of Shabby Chic. Use the book for inspiration for your kitchen and home make overs.

Following the advice and guidelines in this book you can create that effortlessness Shabby Chic look on a budget.

Rachel Ashwell explains how you can buy old pieces from thrift stores or garage sales and mix together with newer pieces to create the look you desire.

Shabby Chic Picture Frames and Mirror Ideas

It is such a shame, I have loads of photographs, just sitting in boxes in a cup board. I need to get these out and display them around the house and kitchen.

Shabby chic picture frames are great to display your cherished photographs of times past. I am considering displaying my photographs after kind of antiquing the photos to get an overall shabby chic look.

How to Distress a Table

I love this video it shows what can be done with a bit of effort. In the video they start out with a $20 hideous reproduction wooden table and transform it into an object you would be proud to have in your home. Just by painting and distressing the table.


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