Ladies Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Perfect Women’s Plus Size Costumes for Halloween

In the past, it was hard to find cool and flirty women’s plus size costumes. All they had were dowdy picks, and that’s not what you want on a night filled with fun! Now, just about anything you can find in smaller sizes, you can also find in plus size for women.

California Costumes Women's Lady Liberty Plus, Mint Green, 3XCalifornia Costumes Women’s Lady Liberty Plus, Mint Green, 3XLeg Avenue Women's Plus-Size Cozy Bat Costume, Black, 3XLeg Avenue Women’s Plus-Size Cozy Bat Costume, Black, 3XFun World Women's Plus Size Beautiful Princess Fitting Costume, Gold, XXX-LargeFun World Women’s Plus Size Beautiful Princess Fitting Costume, Gold, XXX-LargeRubie's Women's Supergirl TV Plus Size Costume, MultiRubie’s Women’s Supergirl TV Plus Size Costume, MultiLeg Avenue Women's Plus-Size Wicked Wench Costume, Black, X-Large/XX-LargeLeg Avenue Women’s Plus-Size Wicked Wench Costume, Black, X-Large/XX-LargeDreamgirl Women's Plus-Size Little Red Riding Hood Costume, 3X/4X,Dreamgirl Women’s Plus-Size Little Red Riding Hood Costume, 3X/4X,

Plus sized superhero costumes come in all styles. You can find heroes and villains from the blockbuster movies. You can be Harley Quinn or Catwoman from Batman. Choose between the Black Widow and a female Iron Man costume in plus sizes for your outfit.

Classic plus sized costumes have a big range of choices. You can be a beautiful, buxom cave woman, a lovely witch, or a plus sized pretty fairy. You can go with other Halloween themes costumes, too – like a Pumpkin or black cat in just the right size.

Decade-driven plus sized costumes are a big hit among women. Want to go as a Pink Lady from Grease? They have costume sin your size for that. Or, dress up in a poodle skirt for the occasion.

They also have plus sized flapper dresses, hippie chick costumes and disco queen outfits if you like the 20s, 60,s or 70s. But if the 80s are what you live for, you can find plus size women’s costumes in that style, too – big haired wigs, colorful clothing, and lots of costume jewelry!

Plus Sized Princess Leia Halloween Costume

You can get a Princess Leia costume in plus size. The soft draping is very fattering for a fuller figure.

Sanctuarie Designs Womens /DRESS ONLY/ Princess Leia Star Wars Dress Plus Size Supersize Halloween Costume/3x/./Sanctuarie Designs Womens /DRESS ONLY/ Princess Leia Star Wars Dress Plus Size Supersize Halloween Costume/3x/./

Character costumes for plus sized women are popular, too. Or try one from Snow White and the Huntsman – not your traditional bright colored Snow White costume. One of the loveliest is the Scarlett O’Hara Southern Belle plus size costumes that you can find online in a variety of colors and styles.

Funny costumes for plus sized women are also an option. You can dress up as a silly clown, wearing a fun colored wig and cute outfit. They have Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas – and although she’s meant to be spooky, the costume is actually quite fun!

One of the cutest costumes to hit the plus size scene is a garden gnome costume. But it’s not a typical male garden gnome with a long gray beard. This outfit is generally a miniskirt with petticoat and cute red gnome hat.

If you want one of the women’s plus size costumes that exudes sex appeal, then you might go with a Nascar racing outfit just for women, or a naughty schoolgirl costume. Even the CSI detective outfits will make the right impression and show off your curves wonderfully.

Plus Size Classic Costumes

When it comes time for Halloween parties, you’ll be happy to know that there are a ton of plus size classic costumes for you to choose from. Just about anything you can find in smaller sizes now comes in larger ones for both men and women.

Let’s cover the women first. There are many styles of costumes to choose from. Some have silly shapes, like the plus size pumpkin costume, but it’s a classic look, worn with cute tights and shoes.

Others give a sexy appearance, like the plus sized witches costumes. They plain and simple ones and those that light up. You can accessorize it with witch wear, like a broom and pointy hat.

Egyptian Queens like Cleopatra are always a classic hit for Halloween. They have gorgeous plus size costumes that are befitting your beauty and importance – and you can either use the costume jewelry it comes with or choose real pieces of your own.

The Renaissance period was known for busty, buxom women – and that’s perfect for plus size ladies who want to look beautiful on Halloween night. You can dress as an Empress or Queen and show as much or as little skin as you prefer.

Saloon Madame costumes are another hit among the plus size crowd. These getups are gorgeous, very flattering to a full figure, and they come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Plus size girls can also don the typical devil versus angel costumes, where you play up whatever part of your personality is in charge that night. Bring a pitchfork accessory and little red horns if you’re feeling especially naughty.

If you’re going to a party with others as part of a theme night, then you might want to choose a plus size can can costume, which is very flattering and takes you back to another time.

There is no end to the possibilities for dressing up on Halloween night and finding the plus size styles you want to wear. You can be anyone – Princess Peach from Mario Brothers games, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, or even a beautiful Geisha girl, complete with a kimono and makeup.

You can also find typical classic Halloween costumes, like fruit, animals or scary horror movie characters in plus sizes, too. You’re not stuck on what to wear anymore – you might have the opposite problem – too many choices! That’s a great problem to have.

Plus Size Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

There are dozens of plus size sexy costumes a woman can choose from these days. You’re not relegated to dowdy costumes – you can pick something that wows easily and turns heads in an instant!

Just about any of the costumes you see smaller sizes wearing are available for your size, too. Storybook characters make for some very sexy costume ideas. For example, you can wear a Little Red Riding Hood costume that has a cute short skirt with ruffled bottom and a sexy, red silky hood. Carry a little basket and wear thigh high hose and heels to complete the look.

While most of the Queen of Hearts plus size costumes are full length, fully sleeved gowns, reaching up to your neck, there are also plus size versions that have miniskirts and short sleeves, which plummet to show off your décolletage.

The same goes for Snow White plus size costumes – or the evil queen villain. Get a full length gown, or go for a sexy plus size number that’s short in the legs and arms, showing off all that you’re proud of on Halloween night!

If you’re into the Wizard of Oz, you can find plus size sexy costumes for Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, Tin Woman, and a Sexy Scarecrow. They’re all short dresses, and when paired with cute boots, make the perfect outfit for the night.

If you want a little more leg covered in your sexy plus size costume, then you can go with one of the other options, like a plus size fortune teller getup. These are still sexy, and they’re typically off the shoulder like a gypsy outfit should be. Pair it with a big pair of hoop earrings and a headscarf for the ultimate effect.

If superheroes are your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that you can find all of today’s main characters in plus size versions for women. These include Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl and more!

Some of the sexiest plus size costumes aren’t anything character-based at all. They’re the classic kind of costume, made for a sexy look. That might include a slinky pirate outfit, busty Renaissance woman, or super sexy witch.

In today’s world, being a plus sized beauty doesn’t mean you have to dress conservatively. You can put on an eye opening costume this Halloween and show off your curves with an outfit created to showcase your best features.

Plus Size TV and Movie Costumes

Television and movie characters are some of the best-selling costumes around Halloween. Grownups choose their favorite shows and then dress up individually or as a group to reflect the characters. There are all sorts of plus size TV and movie character costumes you can choose from in 2012.

If you’re a fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, then you can find many costumes that reflect this type of attire. Beautiful dresses for the women, and strong outfits for the powerful men in the families.

There are many superhero costumes in plus sizes for men and women. You can find almost all of them – from Wonder Woman to Batman – in larger sizes. This year’s favorites might be any of the characters in the Avengers movie.

If you’re into Pirates of the Caribbean, then you’ll have no problem finding a plus size costume (whether you’re a man or woman). They have swashbuckling attire that ranges from plain and simple to top of the line, and you can accessorize as much or as little as you want to.

Star Wars fans should know that manufacturers certainly haven’t left you out. There are Princess Leia plus size costumes, and lots of the male characters available in larger sizes for the men.

If you’re into the movie Twilight or the TV show Vampire Diaries, then you can pick up one of the fantastic plus size vampire costumes being sold online. You can get creepy or sexy costumes to reflect the attitude you want.

Some of the classic TV shows, like I Love Lucy, and the animated series the Flintstones, have costumes for those characters as well. You can dress up as fun loving Lucille Ball, or you and your husband transform into Fred and Wilma.

If reality TV is more your style, then you might to want to order a costume that turns you into Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife, Beth. If you get the wigs, no one will have to ask twice who you are.

Jersey Shore character costumes are still going strong, and this is their last season. So you can choose to be Jwow or Snookie – or have your man dress up as Mike “the Situation, Pauly D or Ronnie.

If you’re a fan of her old show, then you might want to check out Elvira’s Halloween costume. It’s very flattering and spooky – adding just the right touch of scare to your Halloween night.

Ladies Plus Sized Halloween Costumes

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