10 Best Funny T-Shirts for Nerds and Geeks in 2020

funny t shirt for nerd gift ideas

Here is my selection of Funny T-Shirts for Nerds that would be the perfect gift for a geek in your life.

T-Shirts make wonderful gifts, and these funny nerdy tees will be sure to be appreciated by the person receiving the present.

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Now a day it’s a little bit cooler to be nerdy after the massive success of the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

These T-Shirts are available for both men and women.

Yoda Sayings Tee Shirt

In the Stars Wars movies Yoda came out with some wonderful saying.

Here is a clever T-Shirt design that features both a picture of Yoda and a number of his most famous sayings.

“I May be Nerdy” T-Shirt

Here the word N.E.R.D.Y is spelt out in the form of the periodic table.

The final wording says “I May Be Nerdy But Only Periodically” great gift for any geeky man.

Periodic “Star Wars” Table Tee

Here Star Wars has taken over the periodic table.

This is a nice fun colorful T-Shirt that would make a great gift for a nerdy Star Wars fan.

“Pew Pew” Star Wars Funny T-Shirt for Women

This is a great gift idea for any geeky women that loves Star Wars.

On the front it features the words PEW PEW!!! the noises made by the guns on star wars.

“I Ate Some Pi” Equation Funny T-Shirt

On the front of this Tee is the equation that means I Ate Some Pi”.

This would make a great gag gift for any geeky man.

Sheldon from TBBT Bazinga T-Shirt

Here we have a T-Shirt the uses the periodic table to spell out the words BAZINGA!

The catchphrase often said by Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

“Never Trust an Atom” T-Shirt

Fun saying T-Shirt that would make the perfect gift for a nerdy man.

I like the contrast of the white printing on the blue background.

Funny Einstein Quotation T-Shirt

We can’t have a post on nerds without featuring the ultimate geek that is Einstein.

This T-shirt has a famous picture of Einstein with his tongue sticking out.

The Elements of Stealth T-Shirt

Here the elements spell out the word “NINJA” with the fun phrase “The Elements of Stealth”

Ladies Nerdy Periodic Table T-Shirt

Here is a ladies NERDY periodic table T-shirt.

This would make a great gift for a geeky women, yes they do exist!!!!


I very much hope you have enjoyed looking through the nerdy T-Shirts I have selected.

What ever you choose it is bound to cause a laugh.

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funny t shirts for nerds gift ideas

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