Camping Whistling Kettles

A Camping Whistling Kettle is an Essential Piece of Kit

When you are camping one of the first things you will want to do when you have finished up unpacking and setting up your equipment is to put the kettle on. A sit down with a hot beverage will be just perfect as you sit down sipping your drink and contemplating your new surroundings.

When I go camping for some strange reason I just love to drink tea. Strange as at home I’m normally a coffee person. I think the reason for this is it’s much easier to make a nice cup of tea than a nice cup of coffee. Coffee making can be an exact science and sometimes a coffee brew on a campsite will taste like dishwater!

What are the Best Camping Kettles?

The best camping kettles to choose will depend on your circumstances and the type of trip you are undertaking.

If you are driving to your campsite in an RV or car then really you could take any kettle designed to go on top of the stove. The capacity will depend on how many you are catering for.

However, if you are taking a hike and camping on the trail then weight becomes a big issue. If you have to carry your equipment you have two choices. First, an aluminum kettle that will be light but will only have one use. Alternatively, you could use a camping pot or pan that can double up as a receptacle for brewing water or as a cooking vessel.

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