Best MP3 Players for Toddlers: Best Music Players for Children

Young kids and toddlers will love this selection of MP3 and music players. They can pretend to be all grown up and use an MP3 player just like Mum and Dad. The difference is these music players are made with big buttons and from sturdy materials so made to last. I would love to see how long an iPod would last with a group of 3 year olds. The learn and grove music player is not actually a proper MP3 player but looks like one perfect for toddlers 18 months plus.

SweetPea3 2 GB MP3 Player for Kids (Violet)Check PriceLeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player (Scout)Check PriceNew SweetPea3 (v.2.0) 4 GB MP3 Player for Kids (Blue)Check PriceSweetPea3 2 GB MP3 Player for Kids (Blue)Check PriceToy / Game LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Player, Violet with Four activity modes (For ages 18+ months)Check Price

best mp3 players for toddlers

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