Best Decorative Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

Decorative ceiling fan covers. These are such a good idea, instead of buying a complete new ceiling fan you can simply slip on or clip on one of these ceiling fan covers. You can choose to go tropical with palm, bamboo or rattan designs. Alternatively, there are cheaper stretchy covers that come in a wide range of colorful designs. These slip easily over your existing fan blades.

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Cheap Ceiling Fan Makeover Idea

Ceiling Fan Makeover Idea on a Budget

This is such a quick and easy way to update your old ceiling fan, and so effective.

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A New Look for Old Fan Blades With Glow in the Dark Paint

DIY Fan Blade Painting Remodelling Idea

This is such a clever idea. The fan blades were removed and painted dark blue. Then star constellations were painted onto the fan blades with nolvadex online order glow in the dark paint spray. Great bedroom makeover idea for a child that is interested in astronomy.

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Wood Effect Remodelling Idea for Ceiling Fan Blades

Remodelling Fan Blade Ideas

This looks a quick and easy way to freshen up a tired and old looking set of blades.

Full instructions can be found here.

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Easy Palm Slip on Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

Slip on Palm Leaf Fan Blades

This has to be the easiest way to update a set of fan blades. The palm fan blades easily slip over your old existing blades.

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How to Paint Your Ceiling Fan

How to Paint Your Ceiling Fan Blades
I love the way they have chosen a lovely red color to paint these fan blades with.
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Easy Slipover Palm Decorative Ceiling Fan Covers

Palm Slipover Covers for Ceiling Fans

This is a quick and easy idea for updating your ceiling fan.

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How to Paint Stripes onto an Old Ceiling Fan Remodelling Idea

Ceiling Fan Blade Remodel

Here is a way you can update old ceiling fan blades by painting them in stripes. Perfect remodel idea for a bedroom.

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Slip on Ceiling Fan Blade Covers

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